Players are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Pegasus Fleet Policies at

In addition to the the Pegasus Fleet Policies specified above, the following rules are in effect for the Wellington.

1) Posting Requirements:
A) All players are asked to write at least one post per week, with Sunday at 8:00 AM being the start of each week. It may be a personal log or an off-duty post with another player.

If a post is currently in progress but not ready to go out yet, then the requirement will be considered satisfied so long as it is posted in 14 days.

B) Any department head who does not have at least 4 posts in a 30 day period will be removed down to a regular officer and their position will be opened for recruiting or reassignment. A reduction in rank IC may be also issued to accommodate that.

If a player has multiple department heads, then writing as one department head will satisfy the requirement for all characters. If a department head writes with a character that is not his department head character, that will also satisfy the requirement.

C) Any non-department head (Assistant Chief and below) who does not have at least 4 posts in a 30 day period will be considered inactive and removed from the roster.

D) All that said, we understand that life outside a computer screen takes precedence and if there is any reason you are unavailable, please let us know. The Leave of Absence Policy for Pegasus Fleet applies in this situation.

2) General Chat Use:
-The General chat is an area where all players may interact with each other out-of-character. We encourage polite conversation but would ask that you do not discuss overly contentious issues where emotions may become riled up and lead to an argument.

3) Harassment of other Players
-We will not under any circumstances tolerate the harassment of other players. Any evidence brought forward to the command team will be reviewed and if verifiable will result in the offender being asked to either correct their behaviour or leave depending on the severity of the incident. In addition, you may also be put forward for removal from the fleet if the matter warrants it.

4) Minimum Characters
-All Players shall be permitted to hold:
A) Two Playing Characters.

B) Up to 3 Non-Playing Characters without approval from the GM or command team. They may not all be in the same department.

C) No limit on civilian characters or any mission-specific NPCs.

5) Expectations Concerning Character Creation
-We encourage you to be as open and flexible as you wish in the creation of your characters. However, we are also aware that there is a tendency to get so excited in the midst of writing that one may sometimes create a character well over ordinary skill, foresight and ability. Needless to say, while those characters are always fun to play, we also want to give everyone else a chance to write and contribute as well. Having a character with more than a couple strong merits and skills is great. But any character with more than two merits or strong skills must have a flaw. Writing in a way that shuts other players out of action is frowned upon and if we see it, we will ask that a post, subplot or storyline be changed. If the behaviour continues, we will put the offending player's posts in moderation status and approve them before going out for up to 90 days.

The Pegasus Fleet rules concerning player creation and restricted characters are in effect. The Pegasus Fleet Admiralty enacts the following list of characters and races which are restricted from sims for use for player characters in the fleet, pending approval from the sim's CO and the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty:

-Shapeshifter (Changelings, Chameloids, 8472...)
-Androids, Augments or mobile emitter-equipped Holograms.
-Races from the Delta Quadrant.
-Races from the opposing side of recent wars or of a hostile nature to Starfleet.
-Characters with physical or mental powers beyond those shown by major characters on the shows/movies (Excluding other restricted or disallowed races)
-Characters with physical appearance or behavioural traits dissimilar enough so as to cause confusion over the characters actual age. (ie: Adults that look like children or -characters appearing childlike behave as adults)
Characters from official sources, or their relations.

The following characters or races will be disallowed for all player characters.

Borg, unless free from the collective.
Q, half-Q, Q in human form, etc
Any race that is prohibited from any form of contact with other races, such as the Talosians.