Lieutenant JG Stan More

Name Stan More

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 20inch
Weight 90kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Stan has short hair with a beard and moustache.He has blue eyes and thin eyebrows. A slender nose sits in the centre of his face. He has a muscular frame and good muscle tone.Stan speaks with a broad Scottish accent. Which gets stronger when he is stressed.

As it has been a while since he wore a Starfleet uniform.He prefers to wear casual clothing. Light cotton shirts and trousers. His footwear is usually simple. He prefers shoes to boots. Night attire is mostly shorts and a T-shirt.


Spouse Gale Tay ( Marriage called of 2 days before happening)
Children None
Father Dr Simon More
Mother Dr Alice More nee Mc Taggard
Brother(s) Boris (25) Musician
Sister(s) Lisa (20) High school teacher
Nadia (20) Artist
Other Family Maternal Grandmother Morag McTaggard

Personality & Traits

General Overview When you first meet Stan it is very difficult to imagine. That eight months ago he was a very different person. Quick to lose his temper ,Sullen. Plus he was extremely shy bordering on selective mutism. Also his behaviour around females was rude bordering on antisocial.

If it was not for the Command Crew of the USS Komorkis especially her first officer. Stan would never have gotten the medical help he desperately needed. This dramatically changed him into a completely different person.

He comes across as polite and good mannered. This was the way More was before the personal tragedy. That broke his heart caused all the trouble.

Stan is now a better person. He is determined to return to active service. To redeem himself and make up for his past bad deeds.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:- Easy going is always helpful. Photographic memory. A good friend to all. Helps those who do not always find it easy to make friends.He is fluent in Vulcan , Klingon and Bajoran. Good sense of humour. Great cook as well. Plus in the last eight months has learnt to play piano. He is a very good Jazz pianist.

Weaknesses:- Over apologises if he is in the wrong. Guilt feels that he has let a lot of people down. Is scared of going back to how he was. Thus will over push himself to get a task done.
Ambitions To get back into Starfleet as either a Security or Science Officer.

Stan would love to be on a first contact. With a newly discovered alien civilisation. To be one of the first humans a new race has ever seen.

He has never really fancied the centre seat or the XO spot. He would rather be one of the guys in the background. Working for the common good.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies & Interests:-


Stan loves to sing and can play the piano quite well. Loves to cook especially Italian dishes. Pasta is his favourite. Loves to read 20th century classics. He also likes to paint.


Studying Italian cooking. Readings works by Dickens , Mark Twain and Sir Terry Pratchett.Also Vulcan and Bajoran literature.Music of the 20th century. Such as the Beatles and David Bowie.


Personal History Early years:-

Stan's family originates from Scotland. However he was actually born in England. His parents are both Archaeologists and they were working on a dig in London. When little Stan Collin More made his entry into the world.

Mores early years were spent all over the galaxy. Following his parents on many archaeological digs. As a baby he was a very curious child.Once he learned how to crawl he was off. Once to the utter horror of his parents. Little Stan went missing on a dig. Only to be found giggling insanely. While crawling up on a high ledge.

Five years later however little Stans life nearly ended. While on an archeological dig on Vulcan. Stan was bitten by an insect. An allergic reaction to the bite almost killed him. The little guy was in hospital for over six months. But a Vulcan healer managed to save his life.

After that Stans maternal grandmother stepped in. Giving his parents a choice. Either return to Edinburgh with the two boys. Or she would take them from them and raise the boys herself. They agreed to return home to Scottland. Where they both got teaching jobs at the university of Edinburgh.

Even though he had been homeschooled by his parents. For the first five years of his life. Stan proved to be quite intelligent. He had developed a photographic memory which helped him. To fit in with regular education.

Stan had quite a normal childhood. He made friends easy and got on well with his little brother Boris. Ten years later his mother gave birth to twin girls. Nadia and Lisa.

School & Higher Education Years:-


After nursery school. Stan attended one of Edinburgh top schools. Were he did very well not only academically but also personally. It was here that he met his longtime friends. Sean, William and wee Micky. Known as the four scallywags. At weekends after the usual run to Mrs Mcgregor's sweet shop. The boys would often get into adventures and scrapes.

At school his photographic memory helped. He excelled at all his subjects. His favourites were maths and history. Sports featured heavily in his schooldays. Growing up in Edinburgh you quickly learned how to fight. Although good at boxing this did not help him. When playing soccer he punched out the captain of the opposite team. So his sports master put him on the Rugby team. Where Stan helped them to victory. Three years running.

College and University:-

It was when he went to college to study science. That Stan was to meet the women. Who would nearly ruin his life. By breaking his heart. His future ex fiancé Gale. Stan studied Science choosing botany as his main subject and biology as his second. On his off days Stan studied martial arts becoming a karate black belt.

Gale and Stan shared a few subjects and became study partners. Working on several projects including. Helping to find a cure to a rather nasty strain of potato blight. To help with his studies Stan took on a job at the nearby Royal Edinburgh Botanical Gardens. Where they were so impressed with him. They made him PA to the head Gardiner.

Stan and Gale moved in together when they both went to the same university. Life for Stan was going very well. He had proposed to Gale who accepted.Then everything fell apart two days before they were due to be married.

Stan came home early one day and caught his fiancée being unfaithful. Heartbroken he returned to his family home. It was as if he was working by remote control. He got through the rest of the last year of university. Graduating with very high grades and plenty of job offers. But Stan did not seem to care. He gave up his job at the Royal Botanical Gardens. Retreating into himself and refusing to leave his room.

Starfleet career


Boris was very concerned for his older brother. It was a conversation with a friend. That he first hit on the idea of Stan going to Starfleet. At first Stan just sat on his bed with the curtains closed. But Boris persisted and just to shut him up. Stan went and applied to get into the academy. He failed to get in.

Outraged that her clever Grandson had failed to get into the academy. She literally marched round to the recruitment office. Returning red with rage she tore Stan a new one. Who it seemed had deliberately failed. This time she took him in hand and Stan got in.

Stans first year at the academy went well. However concerns started to grow about his social side. He did well speaking with the Male cadets. But was standoffish and cold towards all the females. Not only cadets but teachers. He was instructed to seek help or face dropping out. Stan attended counselling sessions and this seemed to work. Up till his final years at the academy his mistrust of females. Seemed to dull. Although he now found it easier to talk to non-human females. He still had a few problems with human ones.

Starfleet & Diagnoses:-

After four years at Starfleet Academy Stan graduated with full honours. He was posted to the USS Komorkis as a Science/Botanist Officer.Things seemed to go well Stan fitted in. But slowly he started to go down hill mentally. Becoming erratic towards female members. The Command crew became concerned. Even the ship's counsellor began to become worried about him. Then Stan lost control and started shouting and becoming aggressive.. A few officers even put in for transfers due to his behaviour.

The Command crew had no choice but to take Stan off the rosta. Thus ending his career in Starfleet. The First officer recommended a full psychological and medical diagnostic be done on Stan. This was the best thing to happen. More feels she saved his life.

Diagnosis & Cure:-

When interviewed at Starfleet Medical. It became clear that all this hatred and mistrust of females. Stemmed from Stan catching his fiancé cheating on him five years ago. There had to be a deeper reason More could not move on. From something So extensive scans and test were performed on Stan.

Thus it was discovered that Stan had a chemical imbalance in his brain. This was the cause of all his problems. But how did it happen? Extensive investigations led back to the Vulcan Healer. Who saved Mores life when he was five. The little boy had slipped into a deep coma. The healer used a mind meld to reach the child. It was risky but worked. However it caused an imbalance in Stan’s brain. That would build and build until the incident with Gale. Caused it to surface and turn Stan into a monster.

More went through seven months of extensive treatment and therapy. He had to relearn social skills. Thankfully his photographic memory was not affected. Stan became a completely different person. He became more likeable and developed a great sense of humour. But more importantly he now has no problem with females of any race.

He even forgives Gale for what she did.


Stan met up with Gale and after a heart to heart. Told her he forgave her. They parted as old friends, nothing more. Stan still sees a counsellor once a week. But as far as she is concerned. Stan is ready to return To Starfleet.

After eight months of intensive therapy on Earth with Starfleet Medical, they've agreed to return him to restricted service. This will give him a trial run on a vessel. That would not only ease him back into service. Plus giving him access to a counsellor so he could continue his therapy.

Stan has just been given a clear bill of health. He no longer needs regular therapy sessions.
Service Record First assigned to USS Komorkis
Six months at Starfleet Medical as patient
Assigned to USS Comfort as Science Officer
Assigned to USS Wellington

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