Lieutenant Valeria Mordin

Name Valeria Mordin

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ts'usugi
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8" (6' 8" with ears)
Weight 138 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description The Ts'usugi are bipedal humanoids with characteristics of Earth rabbits. They have lengthy ears, muzzled faces, a body covering of soft fur, large foot-paws, and a furred tail. Their fur colors tend to run from soft lavender to darker grey. Their figures are slight, and regardless of how tone their bodies become they never appear to show bulk or muscle. Their metabolism is like a furnace, which results in elevated heart rate which is considered the norm for their species.

Ts'usugi eyes are one of the more unusual biological features of the species. They do not reflect light of any kind, giving them a dull and almost lifeless look to them. Originally believed to be an evolutionary answer to surviving off of mostly reflected light, the cause lay in their ocular lens, which is reflective on the inside. This gives them slightly heightened vision at low light, though sudden exposure to bright light can easily dazzle them. Their attention to detail is also heightened as they have sharper visual quality.

Valeria is a very well built, very well proportioned humanoid creature resembling an earth creature called a Rabbit. She has soft cream-colored fur covering her entire form, the traditional 'cotton puff' tail, and lengthy ears that perk when she's listening, and flop when she's not. A quirk of Ts'usugi eyes causes them to not reflect light, and as such her blue eyes seem almost like endless pools that one could drown in, if they so choose.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kosubo Mordin
Mother Matashi Mordin
Brother(s) Older: Akoto, Daisuke, and Eiji
Younger: Hikaru and Seiichi
Sister(s) Older: Mao and Nariko
Younger: Tamiko

Personality & Traits

General Overview Valeria is an enigmatic and guarded woman. You wouldn't know it by looking at her, but she's a top-rank science graduate, raking above the salutatorian of her graduating class by one of the largest margins in the history of her academy (Her achievement was not noted, however, due to the circumstances of her attendance). She's an alluring siren of science, who sometimes gets a little too focused in her work.

Strengths & Weaknesses Valeria possesses a keen intellect and a high retention factor. Her focus to the cause can sometimes cause her to lose sight of the bigger picture, though. She often forgets to eat, or sleep, or duck to avoid incoming fire. Noted in her file is that she was diagnosed with "Class I Operational Disfunction" though also noted is that she was cleared for service by two distinct Ts'usugi mental health professionals. The exact nature of her trauma is privileged medical personnel information.

As a Ts'usugi, her bones have odd crystalline growths throughout them though most concentrated in the skull. This oddity with their cranium actually inhibits casual telepathic or empathic contact, though this same feature has inhibited the development of any racial telepathic or empathic capacity within the Ts'usugi genome, to the point of it being completely absent.

She's exceptional at making friends, and has often defused a tense situation simply by offering an outsider's point of view. She is well versed in Ts'usu poetry and philosophy, often quoting proverbs and words of wisdom from ancient thinkers and philosophers.
Ambitions Valeria is often quiet when it comes to her actual ambitions. She feels that stating a goal aloud will somehow make it less obtainable. She has the standard ambitions of recognition and accomplishment, but beyond that it simply seems that Valeria is pleased with the thought of a job well done and the notice of authority. As all daughters, she wants to make her parents proud, and achieve great things without bringing shame back home. With several older siblings, the pressure is on to stand out.

It is known that she wants to help bring her people and the Federation to a more permanent alliance.
Hobbies & Interests Valeria enjoys reading the latest scientific magazines as much as the latest fashion magazines. She enjoys dancing, operating an electron microscope, exchanging fashion tips, polymer dating third rank isotopes, loud music with a killer beat, and forensic autopsies. In her spare time, when she isn't teasing ensigns or on a project, she collects interesting crystalline formations and samples of semi-precious metals.


Personal History Valeria Mordin was born the sixth child of her parents in the fifth province of the Fudi district on one of the moons of Ts'usu... and was very much the middle mouth to feed. Mother was a farmer, while father worked as a currency counter for the local tax collector. Who, in turn, worked for the tax enforcer, who worked for the prefect, who worked for the domo, who actually was allowed to kneel before the steps to the Emperor's Envoy's quarters. Though, with so little to her family and at a young age, she had ambitions. Her mother claimed that they were a family of farmers and coin counters, and nothing more. Valeria disagreed... politely.

She attended classes in schools that were outside her parents wealth by listening outside the windows, though when she was nearly arrested for truancy, her defense was that she was technically attending *A* school. This earned her a smile from the regional prefect. Her enhanced education helped her better herself above what her parents could ever provide, and the envoy of the Emperor himself was present at her graduation ceremony. Though, her parents were not allowed to view the ceremony, due to their low standing. They were, however, allowed to bow and listen. Valeria then graduated into what would be a college on any other world, which prepared her for the next leg of her journey through life: Attending the Academy of Starfleet.
Service Record Age 4: Entered into her village's preschool equivalent. Majored in Colors and Pattern Recognition.

Age 6: Attends Togori Elementary school. Near the end of the fourth year, the current curriculum bores her, but she achieves eight marks of ten. The equivalent of the Honor Roll. Aside from the basic education afforded to all, she excels at Math and Science.

Age 12: Attends Mutisho Primary school, mostly. Makes frequent trips to an upper district school house to learn by listening and rummaging through the trash for teacher handouts to the class. Noted to excel in Mathematics and Science, particularly biology and physics. Reprimanded for Truancy on several occasions.

Age 15: Attends Fuhin Secondary school, mostly. Old habits of attending school systems outside of her district resume. Despite such acts, receives nine marks in Mathematics and Biology. Receives eight marks in Physics comprehension on a ruthless grading curve. Is reprimanded for Truancy, but rather then punishment, the magistrate chooses to punish her by teaching her. She is sentenced to attend Hojim University, which is considered far out of her league. Her task: Achieve nine marks, or return home in shame.

Age 18: Enrolled in Hojim University. Majors in Mathematics and Science. Focuses on advanced mathematics and biology. Studies Physics as an elective. Three years in, re-evaluates schedule for Honors Mathematics, Advanced Biology, Advanced Viral studies, and Physics Comprehension and Application. Graduates at age 21 with nine marks, achieving the equivalent of a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Biology.

Age 20: Enrolled in Matsu Advanced Finishing. Continues to major in Mathematics, Biology, and adds Physics to her portfolio. Receives eight marks in six advanced science courses. Recent contact with Federation creates need for applicants for Federation Academy. Due to her impressive transcript, Valeria is chosen.

Age 22: Transferred to Starfleet Academic.

Age 26: Posted to USS Wellington as assistant to the Chief Science officer.

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