Major Hailey Weston

Name Hailey Ima Weston

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Major


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 144 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue/Gray


Spouse None
Children None
Father Nathan Hooker (Deceased), Lieutenant General Giovanni Weston (Adoptive Father)
Mother Maria Hooker (Deceased) Jillian Weston (Adoptive Mother)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hailey is a woman who is one hundred percent loyal to the Federation to the point where her loyalty rating is higher than almost anyone in the Federation, since it saved her from a life that would likely have killed her before she'd reached this point in her life. She is dedicated to the art of saving the lives of those she likes or feels responsible for, but takes additional pleasure in 'dealing with' those she doesn't like. Orders, of course, are orders.


Personal History In London, sometime during either March or April of 2365, a girl that was named Ima in a rare bout of humor a week after she was born came into the world with the last name of Hooker. In celebration of having a daughter, Nathan again shot up with heroin like just about every day for the last couple years while Maria once again got completely wasted with alcohol. Hailey spent nearly her first five years just about by herself, with the bare minimum of parental supervision. The first relief she had was when she finally was old enough to go to school. From the age of six, she finally realized she had to take care of herself to the best of her ability, which admittedly wasn't that great. When she was nine, her father overdosed on drugs and died before he could be gotten to the hospital. People didn't even try.

The same kept going on for the next couple years before Hailey finally had enough and one night when she was twelve, she ran away from home. She spent five days on the streets before a guy named Carlos found her and invited her to come with him to his 'home for disadvantaged children.' What this actually meant was that he'd brought her into his gang. During the next two weeks, Hailey was eased into life with his group, which involved three square meals a day, making sure she went to school and had someone to watch over her. And that person also taught her the intimate details of how to relieve people of their excess wealth. Hailey was a natural at it, her hands being very quick and she was fast to becoming one of Carlos's top earners at the game of pickpocketing.

When she was thirteen, she'd graduated to not only pickpocketing, but also the job of being a drug mule, using her backpack and innocent looks to deliver them to various dealers around London. She wasn't oblivious during the time, but because she'd been saved by someone who actually seemed to care for her, she resolved to help him out. And then THE night happened. Hailey had just turned fourteen and had just returned from another delivery run when the quiet of the compound alarmed her. The normal sentries weren't around and there were muffled sounds coming from the house where Carlos lived. Panicking, Hailey dropped her bag and ran first to the guardhouse, then to the bunkhouse and finding them empty except for some bodies, went to Carlos's house after summoning her courage. Inside, she saw two men, one holding a gun on Carlos while the other was tying him to a chair. Hailey picked up a gun laying around, discarded by one of the dead bodyguards on the floor and without making a sound, opened fire. The six rounds left in the weapon too out the gun-holder, then clicked empty and Hailey, in some shock, grabbed a knife and in a berserk charge flung herself on the last thug and just stabbed over and over again.

From that time on, after she'd freed her boss, she found herself with yet another new position after she'd calmed down and a month had passed for her to get over what had happened. With the realization that it really didn't bother her, aside from the shock of what had happened, she found that the deaths of the two thugs hadn't bothered her. So she became one of Carlos's special enforcers to go along with what else she was doing and dropped out of school entirely. She was fourteen and three months when she finally lost her virginity.

A little more than a year later, with the deaths of a good dozen and a half rival gangers and one lawyer, she was sent to kill a 42 year old businessman who hadn't paid Carlos what he'd been owed, using the old 'honeytrap' routine she'd used a few times already. It didn't mean much to her, sleeping with people to lure them in, but at the old age of fifteen and a half, she made a mistake and while she did indeed succeed in her 'mission', there had been a witness who'd summoned the authorities. Hailey fled from the area and while she hadn't been identified, nor a really good description of her being made, it shook her more than anything had before to the point where she decided she needed something else instead.

She enlisted in the Starfleet Marines, lying about her age to get in, knowing that the earliest she could enlist was over seventeen and a half, so that the soldier would be eighteen before being shipped out. She managed to get through the first month and a half of basic training before she was pulled into the Commandant's office and being confronted with the evidence that she wasn't who she said she was. That revelation broke the last vestiges of control she'd felt she'd had and in one massive blurb, she'd blurted out the basics of her life story to Brigadier General Giovanni Weston. Quietly, he talked to the sobbing girl, getting a feel for the story, then made the decision that would change Hailey's life. He called the JAG officer assigned to the post, a young Ensign on her first tour named Dawn Winters, in and had Hailey re-tell the entire story. Then he sent her off to a BOQ room while he and the Ensign talked.

The next two weeks were full of activity as Ensign Winters set up a deal through the JAG office with the local authorities to trade Hailey's information on Carlos and his organization into a five year stint in the Marines upon turning the age of admittance in addition to being subject to 'controlled housing' until such time, with the record of conviction on the charges to be expunged from Hailey's record upon completion of the five year term. The Brigadier, a practical man who had never had any children with his wife, took the initiative and offered his own house for the 'controlled housing', where Hailey lived and grew close to them, ending in an adoption before she had turned seventeen. She re-entered the Marines when she was seventeen and a half, full of life and with hopes of a future at last, being picked just about at random in Basic to become an instant field medic and was subjected to an intense four week course to learn how to patch soldiers up enough to get them back to the real doctors.

Shortly after turning eighteen, she was sent out to the frontier on board an assault transport and in the next year and a quarter performed exemplary work in nine combat zones, not only as a medic, but also with a rifle, gaining more experience and confidence than she'd already had from basic and just prior. She was already an excellent shot and that only got better. She was promoted to Lance Corporal at her absurdly young age and in August of 2384 volunteered for and passed the training to become a member of the elite Raider Special Operations forces as a medic/operator. she was given an even more in-depth training course in field medicine that took another two months to complete, but left her with more than just the ability to slap on a bandage, but to perform minor operations in the field as well as some more advanced techniques. All the while, she had to keep up her weapons skills, because Raiders couldn't afford to have a slot filled by a pure 'medic', each member was integral to the team.

Her first year and a half in the Raiders, she was a part of Team Jericho, inserted into various places along the Frontiers, doing jobs that didn't exist for the most part, sometimes just as the team, sometimes in conjunction with larger forces. Decorations, some classified, came along with not only this team but the next two years as a member of Team Echo, several that were able to be openly awarded as an adjunct to more major Marine operations with suitably indistinct details. Her fighting skills combined with several difficult but successful medical procedures caught the attention of some of the top brass, which picked now Staff Sergeant Hailey Weston along with a few other medics from regular and Raider units for a new pet project to turn them into actual doctors that were fully capable and able to stick it in a fight to either provide better Raider care or even front line care that could save additional lives.

During her tie at the Academy, during which time her initial five year stint had erased her past sins, Hailey met up with an assault shuttle pilot from a couple of the really 'fun' drops and became friends with one Calypso Skyie, who'd transferred to the Fleet itself to fly fighters, acting as a somewhat protector, sometimes even from herself. Hailey graduated from the Academy with the silver bar of a First Lieutenant right near the top of her class, but having refused to take the Hippocratic Oath, disagreeing with the 'First, do no harm' part and being unwilling to sully the Oath with that belief. She was immediately put in command of Raider Team Delta, but let the Gunny be the primary on it, as was normal among the teams, and they proceeded to rack up more time on-mission than any other team.

The worst operation they were on was a battle on Jaxis Seven, where the Fourth MarDiv was stalemated against a Juidan army, on one of the borders of the Federation. Hailey's Team Delta, an eight man team, had been in the rear on a mission to neutralize enemy command and control elements and had all but decapitated half the army's higher commanders when they were caught trying to exfiltrate to their own lines and ran into a battalion sized unit moving back from the front lines. Outnumbered about ninety to one, the team was pinned in place as the unit bounced off the initial ambush. After six hours of fighting, Hailey's team had lost two members dead with another two wounded badly, but still able to move after being patched by Hailey herself. The enemy unit had lost well over three hundred of their number and had fallen away to lick its wounds and Hailey had ordered two of her remaining mobile troops to take the two critically wounded ones as she covered their movement with Staff Sergeant Georgiadas Nico. No sooner than the other four members had made it past the ruckus and near to where they could more easily get back to their lines than elements of the other unit came back probing. Another brief savage firefight sent them reeling back, but Nico was down with several bad wounds. Hailey dragged him to a trench and over the next four hours fought two separate battles: One was against random elements of Juidan wandering around looking for her team, the other a desperate fight to preserve the life of Nico, including having to open him up to patch a punctured heart chamber, a lung and another nick to the other lung. After local dark fell, Hailey was working on getting him back to the Marine lines when the two healthy members of her team found her and helped her evac Nico to the field hospital. With some creative redacting of some of the events leading up to it, Hailey was awarded the Federation Medal of Honor for her actions as well as promotion to Captain.

Another year and a portion found her finally stepping back from the Raider teams, not because she wasn't still good at it, she was, but because the Corps pulled her back to take her towards another direction, towards heading the medical team on a fast assault transport, but by first putting her through some time on a Fleet ship to gain any necessary skills from that side of the street before she did. To this end, she was assigned to the USS Wellington, out in the Delta Quadrant as the Executive Officer and a rapid promotion to Major to the Marine half-company assigned to the ship. Upon the death of the Colonel assigned to the ship, she assumed command of the unit.
Service Record 2382-2383- Marine Training Camp
2383-2384- Marine Combat Medic
2384-2386- Marine Raider Team Jericho, Raider Combat Medic
2386-2388- Marine Raider Team Echo, Raider Combat Medic
2388-2391- Starfleet Academy, Medical
2391-2393- Marine Raider Team Delta
2393- Present- USS Wellington, Marine XO/CO

Federation Medal of Honor (See History)
Silver Stars (4) (additional 3 not in official file)
Bronze Stars (5) (additional 3 not in official file)
Distinguished Service Cross (3)
Combat Medical Badge (4)
Intelligence Star (2, not in official file)
Purple Hearts (2) (additional 2 not in official file)

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