Lieutenant Temperance Zachary

Name Temperance Blythe Zachary

Rank Lieutenant


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Thu Jan 25th, 2018 @ 5:56pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 145cm
Weight 64kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Despite her soft curls and her beautiful blue eyes, Temperance has always considered herself to be rather on the 'plain' side. Shorter and curvier than most of her peers, she has never felt the need to dress herself up or make any pretences about being more than she is. Even though she is more comfortable in jeans and boots than dresses and high heels, there is something about her physical appearance that exudes femininity, she just doesn't realise that.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Alexander Zachary
Mother Annabelle Zachary
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Aunt - Zephora Blakeley
Uncle - Theophilus Blakeley

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Her upbringing has left her with an inner strength and resilience. Her basic theory with life now is that if she survived that, she can survive anything. She has a quick mind and is amazing with languages, and her hand to hand combat skills are second to none.

Alternately, Temperance sometimes struggles with her own self confidence and her phaser skills are abysmal. She also holds a deep seated fear of replicators and transporters that she struggles with on a daily basis.
Hobbies & Interests Temperance enjoys both martial arts and dance as a way to keep fit and also to release her frustrations. She was schooled in the art of classical ballet as a child, something which she has maintained through holodeck training. She enjoys cooking with real food and real ingredients, but also quite enjoys food in general.


Personal History Under Construction
Service Record Service Record:

September 2392 - Enrolled at Starfleet Academy.

June 2396 - Graduated from Star Fleet Academy

September 2396 - Commenced Post Graduate Training.

June 2398 - Received Post Graduate commendations.

July 2398 - Assigned to USS Caltabiano as Strategic Operations Officer

December 2398 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade by Captain Matthew Grainger.

June 2399 - Promoted to Lieutenant by Captain Matthew Grainger

December 2399 - Reassigned to USS Wellington as Chief Strategic Operations Officer.

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