Captain Michelle Bartlett

Name Michelle Bartlett

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 150
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue-Green


Spouse None
Children None
Father Adam Bartlett
Mother Sarah Bartlett
Brother(s) Alexander Bartlett
Sister(s) Leanna Bartlett

Personality & Traits

General Overview Michelle has a very warm and inviting personality. She is incredibly approachable and easygoing, though is not afraid to lay down the rules when needed. Those who serve under her have routinely commented that she is an incredibly sympathetic person to work with. She will go out of her way to ensure members of her crew are looked out for, and is not afraid to stand up to department heads or CO's where needed.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her generous and tolerant demeanour serves her well in diplomatic missions and can be both a blessing and a curse during the course of more tactically focused ones.
Ambitions Initially, Michelle had sought a command role, though is now no longer as certain of that as she was.


Personal History Born in 2352 in Chertsey on the island of Great Britain on Earth, Michelle was a fairly intelligent student but had a desire to go explore the galaxy from a young age. She signed up as an Enlisted officer only to decide to continue as an officer, where she graduated with a specialty in the sciences focusing on alien anthropology and archaeology. She excelled in this role and upon completing her Academy training in 2375 was assigned the analysis of ancient ruins of a long-gone civilization in the Beta Quadrant. Her efforts and work on that project caught the attention of her Commanding Officer and within a couple of years she made Lieutenant Junior Grade and became the senior specialist on board, advising the Chief Science Officer.

Michelle continued to climb through the ranks, serving as Chief Science Officer aboard the Dover and the USS Yorkshire, until she was elevated to First Officer by the new Commanding Officer. She formed a close working and personal relationship with him, leaving only to pursue an opportunity within the diplomatic service after 4 years as his XO.
Service Record 2370: Enlists in Starfleet and attends the NCO training program

2371: Prior to graduation opts to proceed through Officer Training, specializing in Sciences (Anthropology and Archaeology.)

2375: Commissioned to rank of Ensign, assigned role of Sciences Officer and Archaeology Specialist, USS Belgrade

2377: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and made a senior specialist aboard the USS Belgrade

2380: Promoted to Lieutenant and designated Assistant Chief Science Officer.

2382: Transferred to USS Dover as Assistant Chief Science Officer

2383: Promoted to Chief Science Officer, USS Dover, named Second Officer in 2385.

2386: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Assigned as Chief Science Officer and Second Officer, USS Yorkshire

2388: Promoted to Executive Officer, USS Yorkshire

2392: Transferred to Diplomatic Service and became Chief Diplomatic Officer, USS Cape Town. Promoted to Commander

2394: Commanding Officer, USS Wellington

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