The Koldaran Encounter

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“A destruction, an annihilation that only man can provoke, only man can prevent.”

The USS Astraea is enroute to Tabula Rasa to rendezvous with the USS Pennsylvania when they receive a distress call from Odraiclite, a secluded colony that is home to the Sanctum of the Acehaya.

The Acehaya, a peaceful race who value spirituality above all else, have found themselves under attack by the Koldaran, a volatile race that uses technology to terraform ‘ripe’ planets into swamp-like spawning pools to continue their race.

Unable to defend themselves at all, let alone against a threat of this magnitude, the Acehayans have sent an urgent distress call, begging for assistance.

Once the distress call has been analysed, the decision is made that the Astraea will call in reinforcements. The USS Pennsylvania and the USS Wellington are the nearest ships to the location of Odraiclite.

Barely A Moment To Breathe

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A Terraforming mission around a new settlement goes awry due to unexplained atmospheric changes.

Part of 2394


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The Wellington is dispatched back to the planet Captain Reynolds and other members of the senior staff were killed to retrieve a downed fighter recently discovered. But not everyone is willing to 'live and let live.'

Part of 2394

Lower Decks

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What are those junior officers getting up to now while the rest of the crew is having all the fun?

Part of 2394

A Woman's Place

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The crew is summoned to a planet which unbeknownst to them, is a heavily theocratic and religious society that has extreme views on the social role of women. The Captain is arrested and faces execution for little more than being an authority figure and giving orders.

Shore Leave

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Shore Leave... What can we break and what trouble can we get in?


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In the wake of a first contact scenario gone wrong, the USS Wellington rendezvous to meet it's new commanding officer.

Part of 2394

Present In The Past

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The crew come across a pre-Federation era starship that was stranded in the Delta Quadrant.