Specifications - USS Wellington


ADC - Armored Defense Cruiser


Class Sovereign
Role Deep-space Exploration, Ongoing Scientific Investigation, Contact with Alien Lifeforms, Federation Policy and Diplomacy, Emergency/Search and Rescue, Tactical/Defensive Operations
Duration 10 Standard Years at Warp, 25 Standard Years at Sub-light
Time Between Refits 20 Standard Years


Length 685 meters
Width 224 meters
Height 88 metres
Decks 24


Officers 556
Enlisted Crew 680
Marines 53
Civilians 5
Emergency Capacity 2500


Cruise Speed 7
Maximum Speed 9.3
Emergency Speed 9.9

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Hull: Duranium-tritanium composite with micro-fiber reinforced ablative armor.
Shield: Multi-layered Shielding System
Weapon Systems Standard - 14 Type XII phasers, 5 torpedo launchers

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 2
Shuttles Primary Shuttle Bay:
Four Type-8 Medium Short-Range Shuttlecraft
Four Type-9 Medium Long-Range Shuttlecraft
Three Type-11 Heavy Long-Range Shuttlecraft

Secondary Shuttle Bay:
Two Type-8 Medium Short-Range Shuttlecraft
Two Type-9 Medium Long-Range Shuttlecraft
One Type-11 Heavy Long-Range Shuttlecraft
Runabouts One Captains Yacht