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My Name is Hailey

Posted on Sat May 22nd, 2021 @ 10:05pm by Major Hailey Weston

The Major fiddled with the camera on the table for a few minutes, making sure it was all set up before she sat down on the couch in her quarters, all comfortable in sweats emblazoned with the Federation Marine logo and the word 'Marines' across her chest and down her right leg. She brought her legs up underneath her and leaned forward to hit the record button and smiled into the camera.

"Ancient Rome had several traditions, one being that their legionnaires had to serve for twenty years before they could retire. All of them were citizens of the Roman Empire, even the Auxiliaries were made citizens after serving for twenty-five years. At that time, Rome was the most powerful nation in the known world and being a citizen of Rome was something worth shedding blood for.Upon reaching that mark, they were paid off and given land in a location usually of their choice. Some of them wanted to go back to Rome or a provincial city to be among other citizens, but often a legionnaire would retire to a province where they'd serve and start a farm. Hence the origin of the term 'Buy the farm.' So, when one died in combat, their comrades would say that their fellow had 'Bought the farm.'"

She made a gesture to the side before her hands came back to her lap, "On the other hand, Centurions retired to much greater prestige, especially since they could rise to higher heights, such as Primus Pilus, the most senior centurion in a cohort, or even to Legate or General. When they retired, it was often to a major city and they would tend to write their memoirs and have houses with servants and a life of luxury. Their children often went on to become politicians or centurions in their own right."

A sigh, "Me? I have no interest in farming, it just seems too boring and way too much work. I suppose that means I get to write my memoirs, so t hat's what I've decided to do. Obviously, I can't do it ALL in one sitting, plus with all the paperwork and extra duties I pull, it'll take me a while to really get everything caught up with my twenty-nine years, especially the last ten. I'm sure that I'll tell all in my recordings, whether all of them can be revealed at any time, well... Classification of operations can be handled by the appropriate department for review. So, let's really let this begin." She smiled.

My name is Hailey Weston, but it wasn't always. No, I'm not a secret agent or someone in witness protection, this is my official name after I took advantage of a couple situations. I was born to Nathan and Marie Hooker. Father died when I was nine from a drug overdose, mother was an alcoholic who kept herself so wasted she didn't know what way was up and where I was or what I was doing." She shook her head slowly, "Father thought he was funny, so he thought he was hilarious when he named me, his only child, Ima. Ima Hooker. Hailey was my middle name, but imagine what it was like as a kid? Non-stop teasing. Is it any wonder that I ran away from home when I was twelve? Not in the slightest."

Another sigh, "It was one of the most wonderful times of my life at the time, but turned out to be one of the worst times of my life in the end. I was taken in by this guy named Carlos, he ran a gang in central London, where I grew up. He fed me, he made sure I went to school and stayed there. He was more of a father to my than my own biological one, and that was really sad. Of course, it wasn't all free lunches and games, I also got my first 'job', and so began my life of crime. I became a thief, a distraction, even..." She nodded, "In the end, I became a murderer. I felt I owed Carlos, so I did what he asked me to do and didn't feel bad about it. It couldn't last forever, but..." She glanced at the clock, "That'll be for next time to tell."

Her eyes went back to the camera screen, "My name is Hailey Weston, and Ima Hooker. And I'm just me."


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