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Collective memories of a young scot.

Posted on Fri Jul 23rd, 2021 @ 7:39am by Lieutenant JG Stan More

Personal log Lieutenant Stan Collin More computer begin recording.

Does Starfleet medical believe I am going to have a relapse and start stalking the corridors of the USS Wellington.At night dressed in a cape with a large knife looking for female crew members. To dismember while wearing a mask and cackling insanely. Like some ancient murderer who turned out to be an alien entity that lived on terror and fear?

Somehow despite even being in another quadrant. They still somehow managed to get in touch. Asking why I did not send my monthly personal report. True, I have been a tad wee busy and forgot. The arboretum has taken up most of my time. With help from the crew we finally have it up and running. Even the Koi pond is finished although the argument about. Either to have a fountain or waterfall is still ongoing. It’s been left out for now but I would like to get that sorted. Before we start adding real water and fish. At the moment we are using holograms. Looks real enough but can go wrong.

It reminds me of the Mrs Flaggins incident when I was a wee bairn. Everyone said she had one of the loveliest fish pond gardens in the whole of Scotland. But refused to enter it in any competition or allow anyone to touch it. My grandmother was always on at her to put it into the annual garden and home of Scotland competition. But she refused point blank. Then one spring she had a bad fall. Ending up in hospital with a broken hip. Sadly it could not be repaired by modern means. Due to an underlying medical condition. So it had to be fixed the old fashioned way.

My grandmother went around to Mrs Flaggins house. To tend to her garden while she was in hospital. Nana soon found out why her friend would not allow anyone to touch or put it in for a competition. It was all artificial. The late Mr Flaggins was an engineer and inventor. Due to the soil being bad nothing could grow. So he built the garden using artificial materials.

Now why did I tell ye that story?

Well. At the present time I am well and have not had any relapses. I am having regular appointments with the counsellor. I have only seen the doctor once. Due to a bad fall where I hurt my head. But have been fully checked out. Feel fine and dandy. No bad thoughts.

Computer end log.


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