Choosing Number One

Posted on Thu Dec 16th, 2021 @ 7:18pm by Captain Michelle Bartlett

After getting off her watch, Michelle sat quietly at the desk in her quarters with a cup of tea. Coffee ordinarily was the drink of choice for her, but this late at night? A cup would give her enough energy to propel the entire fleet back to the Alpha Quadrant herself if needed. Perhaps an idea to recommend to the Admiral. Or not. She was unsure who she would pick though she had the option narrowed down to a couple. Certainly not that Fighter Squadron Leader.

"Computer, continue archived search history of all prior Captain's Logs before I assumed command. Search parameters for named individual Rostra Tang. Both first and last name only are acceptable. Authorization Bartlett Sigma 4-3-5. Omit all log entries previously viewed by me." Commander T'Prymm kept meticulous records on the crew but they were only useful if you were a Vulcan. And had the patience of a Vulcan to sift through. But the majority of the First Officer's comments usually involved "Organized", "detail-oriented", "resourceful" and "attentive to her duties." For a Vulcan, Michelle supposed, that was high praise from T'Prymm.

The search detail came up and the transcribed copies of the log entries appeared. Reynolds seemed to think highly of his Second Officer. From what she had seen in the day or so aboard, she tended to agree with his assessment. She went through Reynolds' logs listening to him describe in great detail some of the work the StratOps chief had done.

"Tang is probably the second most organized person on the ship next to T'Prymm. Sometimes I honestly expect a 50 page report on every little beep and boop and hem and haw aboard the ship on her watch. But she knows what she's doing and I think if T'Prymm were human, she'd be a bit jealous. She'd have reason to be." she said as she watched a video log of her predecessor. "She's too damn good for desk work though."

Another log came up on the screen with Reynolds talking... "We'd be up the proverbial creek if it weren't for Commander Tang's briefing notes on this area. I never believed when she gave me 20 pages of details that one little paragraph would be the key to alleviating a huge problem and avoiding more drama than what we came away with."

"Commander T'Prymm is beside herself and as ballistic as a Vulcan would get about the breach of protocol, but... Tang saved our asses with cheesecake. No, that's not a euphemism. Seriously. Literal cheesecake. But we did end a 200 year civil war. And even the XO said it was 'an adequate dessert."

'Note to self' Michelle thought 'I need to ask about that cheesecake.' She also even briefly pondered if she really needed a Chief Diplomatic Officer when a baked good could make such an impression. Honn can't compete with... well... that.

She'd also scoured the logs for other things. Possible promotions, which she knew there was going to be one. Now likely at least two. That poor cadet in Engineering wasn't going to be getting back to the Academy any time soon. A field commission will likely be appropriate.

Her concentration was interrupted by a rather exasperated voice calling her to the bridge. 'What now?' she thought. Hoping for a moment the worst wasn't coming and someone didn't blow the mission at hand for a revenge fantasy.

"This is the Captain. I'm on my way." she said as she headed for the turbolift.