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Too Many Changes and Surprises

Posted on Sat Sep 16th, 2017 @ 12:07pm by

T’Rylea was shocked by the series of events that unfolded from the meeting with Hot Dog. In the first place, she had been pulled from the Pathfinder just before Bedford pulled the Morton from the nebula. On top of that, she had been assigned to the USS Harmony as their Squadron Leader and that was right in the middle of a heated battle between, of all people, Klingon and Cardassian fighters, who were not only on routine patrol but were also in violation of a ready that was signed to prevent such a thing after the war with the Dominion. Sure it was many years later but none the less, the Klingon’s wanted their territories back and with Cardassia still trying to rebuild, it seemed a right time for the Klingon’s to attack. The Harmony was assigned to keep the peace on this side of the demilitarized zone and in doing so she had her hands full. Her squadron was called to assist in what could be called a huge blunder, to escort back several ships that were transports from the Cardassian demilitarized zone. Apparently the Cardassisan’s had two Galore Class ships patrolling the zone when they scanned several Klingon transports, reportedly carrying troops into the dematerialized zone marked for a colony on one of the outlying areas. It was reported that these ships were to take over the colony and in as such, liberate it from Cardassian rule. That didn’t set well with the Cardassians who enlisted the aid of the Federation to help them repel this incursion. So, in went the Harmony and T’Rylea’s squadron. After about ten hours of aerial dog fighting and the squadron had succeeded in destroying three of the five transports and several birds of prey later, they retired but not before they had severely damaged the Harmony and took out several of her fighters. Some of these fighters that were lost had some of T’Rylea’s friends in them and she took it hard. Try saving as many as she did, her own fighter was shot up pretty bad and with a bit of fancy flying and actually some of the flying by the seat of your pants, she got the fighter back to the ship only to hear Charlie’s mouth about how she almost got herself killed and what the hell did she do to the fighter.

All of that had to be put into the record so it would show what was going on for the past 5 years and that she wasn’t just some rookie just being assigned on a whim. Learning that Lawson was behind all of this really got her goat and she would, this time, ask him if he wasn’t related to her in some fashion. How Doolittle figured into all this was something she would look into later once she got a hold of her sister in intelligence but that would have to wait as she was going to report in to the Squadron Commander. Dreading somewhat in what might happen she paused her personal log and sat there for a moment and thought that maybe it would be better to go in there with a different frame of mind. Maybe that was needed here and she needed to apply that to her approach. It was something to work on in any case. Finding herself thinking, she closed the log and headed out for the meeting with Muller.


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