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Looking Forward, Looking Back.

Posted on Mon Dec 11th, 2017 @ 12:32am by Lieutenant Temperance Zachary

The silken darkness stretched eternally, marred only by the intermittent twinkle of the occasional star. Despite the complete lack of clouds, the stars were still few and far between.

Temp closed her eyes for a moment, sighing softly as she let the rest of her senses take over. The grass beneath her was soft and fragrant, she could smell the delicate scent of the wild roses from the valley below, carried by the breeze that gently caressed her exposed skin.

There was the slightest chill in the air, the days were getting shorter and the leaves were starting to colour, the surest sign that summer was on it's way out and fall was starting to work her magic on the land around them.

Soon there would be snow, so much snow.. she felt her skin prickle with goosebumps as the thought of the bitter cold.

The sound of movement startled her, causing her to open her eyes, smiling up at the figure standing over her. "Took you long enough," she said quietly as she sat up. "I was beginning to think you weren't coming."

He grinned, a warm familiar grin as he dropped easily to the ground next to her, taking off his jacket and putting it around her shoulders. "When have I ever let you down Temp?"

Just the sound of his voice made her feel safer. "So what's this news you had to tell me?"

Temp signed softly, plucking a blade of grass from next to her and twirling it between her fingers.

"It must be bad... what did that grass ever do to you?" he asked, his voice edged with genuine concern.

"Dom, I'm being reassigned," she said quietly. "I'm leaving in less than an hour, I'm being transferred to the USS Wellington as their new Chief Strategic Operations Officer."

"Hey, that's fantastic!" he exclaimed. "Well done little bit!" He put an arm around her shoulder, pulling her in closer. As she inhaled she could almost smell the scent of his aftershave. "I'm proud of you," he finished, dropping a soft kiss on her head.

Closing her eyes, Temp rested her head against the crook of his shoulder. This was her favourite place to be, tucked under his arm, warm and safe. "It won't be the same," she said softly.

He drew in a sharp breath, chosing his words carefully. "Temp, it hasn't been the same for a long time. This is an amazing opportunity for you, don't throw it away because of the past. You need to do this. You need to move on."

"I know," she whispered against his shoulder.

His arm around her tightened, comforting her. "Temperance Blythe Zachary," his voice was firm as he spoke. "I absolutely forbid you to be sad about this, this is a phenomenal opportunity and you are going to embrace it with both hands, do you hear me?"

Before she could reply the chirp of her commbadge interrupted her. "Bridge to Lieutenant Zachary, we will be docking at the station in approximately fifteen minutes." Temp reached up and tapped her commbadge. "Understood," she replied quietly. "Please contact the Wellington and advise them that I will require transport to the ship, Zachary out."

"Dom..." she started to speak, but she suddenly found herself unable to put the words together.

He took her chin in his fingers, tipping her head so she was looking up at him. "No," he said gently. "That isn't what this is about, Temp, it's time for you to go, it's time for you to stop living in the past. You can't change it, you can't undo what is done. Now go..."

She nodded slightly and closed her eyes. "Computer, end program."

Immediately the night sky and the rolling landscape around her disappeared, leaving the ugly black and yellow grid of the holodeck. He was gone. She drew in a deep breath, reaching for the backpack at her feet before she walked toward the door. Just before stepping out, she turned and looked back at the grid once more, rubbing one hand across the goosebumps on her arm. "Computer, delete program Zachary Alpha Delta Three."

It was time.


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