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Settling In

Posted on Tue Dec 19th, 2017 @ 12:56am by Lieutenant Temperance Zachary

Having finally made it to her quarters, Temperance stopped and looked around. It was bland, federation standard decorating, but she expected nothing more. The few crates of personal items she had brought with her had already been transported from the cargo bay and were in the middle of the living area, waiting for her to deal with.

"No time like the present," she said to herself, kicking off her boots and tossing them on the floor before lifting the first crate to the coffee table.

She knew it wouldn't take long to pack her stuff away, There were a few swords to mount on the bulkhead, a few treasured items of clothing to hang in her closet and some photos to put out on display.

Sitting on the couch, she took a smaller box out of the crate and set it on her lap, opening it up and staring silently at the contents within.

On top was a photo, the one photo she still had, was of her parents, her birth parents. She sighed softly as she picked the photo up, touching one finger gently to their faces. They looked so happy, standing on the top of a hill, blue sky stretched behind them, along with rolling green hills.

Despite the peace and tranquility in the photograph, she couldn't help but feel a level of anger toward her parents. With a heavy sigh she stood up and set the photo on the mantle, along with a collection of photos of her aunt and uncle.

The final photo she unpacked was one of herself, aged about 17, arm in arm with a rather good looking young man. The happiness on both of their faces was evident. Again, she touched a finger lightly to his face and sighed sadly before putting the photo up with the others.

Turning away, she took out a few other small relics and placed them around her quarters. Much of this hadn't even been unpacked on the Caltabiano, but she was determined that this time around, she was going to make this home. She would not be the wall flower hiding in her quarters, reading intelligence reports and poring over every detail of each mission, determined to not miss anything. That was part of what had made her a good StratOps officer, her ability to look at strategic and tactical data and instantly see the weak points, but this time around she wanted a work/life balance, and it seemed that she was off to a great start.

She had gotten along well with Cally, and even Roberto, though his motives may actually be somewhat shady, had asked her to join him for dinner. There was a function tomorrow night in the newly refurbished lounge that the entire crew had been invited to, so she would no doubt make an appearance... all in all, things were definitely on the up.

A short time later, with her few crates unpacked and the empty packaging sent to the cargo bay for recycling, she sat on the couch and looked around her quarters. "Well, this is it..." she said to herself quietly. "Home sweet home, at least for now."


Lieutenant Temperance Zachary
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
USS Wellington


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