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And So It Begins...

Posted on Fri Jan 5th, 2018 @ 9:58pm by Cadet Senior Grade Brady Macleod

The young cadet looked out the window of the transport. It had been one hell of a long and at times insufferable ride. But at least he was here. A little worried, a little homesick... But he was there. He watched as the ship docked with the large, bulbous station that many at the Academy joked was a converted Borg Sphere. It was a total crock, and he knew it. But it still looked unlike anything they had in the Alpha Quadrant.

"All passengers, we are approaching New Earth Station. Please remain in your seats until cleared to depart. Please arrange to grab your belongings for depature. Thank you." came the announcement over the comm system.

At one wing of the structure, he saw the large Sovereign Class vessel he would be calling home at least for now. His professors granted him a chance to redo his tour as he was sick when his class went. This was a make-up work. But.. at least no Admirals, no professors... Just himself. And a lot of officers who knew more than him. Which he hoped wouldn't be a problem.

To say he was nervous would have been the understatement of the year. He'd waited years to get aboard a starship and it was finally happening. Even if he didn't have his pip yet, he hoped this would be the start of his career. So long as he just got through his last two classes. And this tour. He almost felt overwhelmed. And a little homesick. But this was the assignment he really wanted. No other engineer in his class could get really excited about the Delta Quadrant. But he was dying to explore it out here. The Alpha Quadrant and even the Beta Quadrant? Too mundane. This was where the action was. If only he knew what fresh hell sometimes awaited them out here. He'd never heard of the Evolved, the Cho'Tegra, and doubtfully knew that the bloody Cardies were in this quadrant and trying to gain a foothold fast.

The ship docked in its bay. Brady straightened his uniform, grabbed his stuff and came aboard. He grabbed a portable comm unit out of his bag, hoping to talk to Alexander. They'd parted on such terrible terms when he said he was going to the Delta Quadrant for his final semester. It's sometimes as though Alex didn't understand. And he wished he did. He loved him dearly but it seemed all they did the last 4 months was fight. But it made it easier to come here. He tried to reach him but there was no answer. "Typical." he said as he sighed and looked up at the scenery around him.

He was now on the Gamma Wing of the Starbase... He looked in awe as he could see his new posting at the observation deck, but a view of the station and everything around it. He'd check in later. First... It was a trip to the promenade.


Cadet Senior Grade Brady Macleod
Engineering Cadet
USS Wellington


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