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Meeting the Captain

Posted on Thu May 13th, 2021 @ 1:10pm by Captain Michelle Bartlett & Lieutenant JG Stan More

Mission: Recovery
Location: Captains ready room

Stan had been rather worried that his request for ACSO would be rejected. After all the trouble he had got into a year ago. But that was now all behind him.

A Sovereign class Starship just like the famous one from history. Here he was standing on one of the most beautiful ship classes in the fleet. As he was led to meet her CO Stan felt like he needed three sets of independent eyes. To take all the new sights and smells in. He double checked his uniform was straight. Then pressed the door chime. Then he waited for the CO to call him in.

Michelle had been somewhat rearranging the ready room to her tastes, though it still didn't feel right. She had never met her predecessor, but it seemed odd to her to just walk in and take over what had been some else's work for 7 years. But... such was what she signed up for, she figured. Her thoughts were interrupted by the door chime.

"Come." Michelle replied.

Nerves threatened to grab at his stomach. Fortunately he had been taught some breathing techniques. To help should this become a problem. Taking three slow breaths while massaging his right ear. Soon calmed the butterflies in his stomach down.

More made sure his uniform was tidy before entering. He stood at attention and gave the Captain a padd. With his transfer details on.

“ Lieutenant Stan More Assistant Chief Science Officer reporting for duty ma’am.” He said politely

"At ease." Michelle said politely, reviewing the PADD. "It's good to meet you, Lieutenant." she said as she reviewed his file. "I see your specialty appears to be in the area of biology by the looks of your record?"

Stan nodded. At least the Captain was not shaking their head. After looking over his service record.

“ Also botany Captain. I just love seeing things grow and learning how they do it. Plus I am a very keen gardener. Just point me to yer wee arboretum and I’ll have yer plants. Growing healthy in nay time.” Stan said

"Arboretum?" Michelle asked. "I'm not entirely sure we have one. Or if we do, i didn't get a chance to see it. I was a science officer myself before going over to command... I wanted a bit more than just a simple tour so I figured i'd drop into the labs later. But... if there's room, I wouldn't be opposed to one getting started. I'll have a chat with..... I think it's Lieutenant Mordin." she added. "I'm sure we can get one arranged in no time. Besides, I think it would be good for the crew to have a place to relax that isn't the lounge."

Stan was a dab hand at building arboretums. A year ago he had started to build one on the Komorkis. It would of the pride of the ship. If he had not done something extremely stupid. Giving the command crew no choice. But to bump him off to Starfleet medical. But that was a year ago now he was a different person.

“ Well Captain one of my specialities is botany. I can have a fully functional wee arboretum set up in nay time. All we need is a bit of space on the Wellington.” Stan said brightly.

"Well... Compared to my last ship, I think we have a lot of that around. Once you've reached out to Lieutenant Mordin, I'm sure we can get that up and running in no time. I'm on board with it."

Stan had yet to meet his department head. Sadly he had been unable to find out much about Lieutenant Morden.

It was then he noticed a plant behind the Captain. A Betazoid Lilly hopefully a day scented one and not night. The night ones had a tiny fur covering over the flowers. That could produce an itchy rash if touched.

“ That’s a bonnie looking Betazoid Lilly yer have there Captain. I assume it’s a day scented one?” He said

"I think you're right." Michelle said. "I wasn't entirely sure myself, but now that you mention it... I think it is. I haven't quite figured out all the decor yet."

Stan stood to take a closer look.

“ Well the night scented ones. Have a fine layer of hairs or fur over the wee flowers. That can cause a nasty rash. But these look like.....aye yer safe they be day ones. “ He said taking his seat again.

"That's a relief!" Michelle said. "What prompted you to specialize in botany?" she asked.

Stan thought about his answer.

“ Ouch. I Suppose it was my paternal grandmother that got me started. As you may not know my parents are archaeologists. So they were always off on some wee archaeological dig. They left myself ,my brother and our twin sisters with her. As she had this big house and garden in Edinburgh. Plus due to some ancient clan dispute my mothers family did nay speak to my fathers.”

Stan took a breathe.

“ She was a very keen gardener. As soon as I could lift a watering can. I would be helping her in the garden. She taught me all she knew about the subject. From what plants should never be planted near each other. What herbs are good for cooking with or healing. I was a very good student. Plus having a photographic memory helped. I soon developed a love for the subject. That’s why I chose Biology and Botany. I love the way living things grow and work. From a simple cell plant to our own internal workings. But don’t worry if any scientific problem comes up. I can also help there. As I said I have a photographic memory."

"Happy to hear it." Michelle said. "I started out as a science officer. More in anthropology and archaeology though and then I ended up in the diplomatic service. But I must admit, I do still love time in the lab."

“ So do I Captain. But imagine the thrill tending to a sick plant. Discovering what ailment is causing the problem. Then looking for a cure. All the different possibilities. Then you find it and the plant recovers. My parents are Archaeologist as a wee bairn I went on many digs with them. Until the incident that nearly killed me.” Stan said

"Nearly killed you?" she asked. "What happened?"

Stan thought for a moment.

“ Well Captain. It was back when I was a wee bairn. I loved to explore things what four year old does nay. We were on Vulcan. My parents were involved in a archaeological dig there. During the day due to the heat they could nay work. So all of their work was done at night. One day I wondered off on my own to explore. Got stung by an insect and developed a life threatening allergy due to the venom in the stinger. It was touch and go for me. But as I am nay ghostie a healer pulled me through. Although of course the treatment left after effects. But that’s another tale.” Stan said

Michelle listened to the story... What a thing to have to deal with at a young age. "Well... I'm definitely glad you recovered. Though I've heard there are insects on Vulcan that are... a tad less pleasant than the locals. As long as none of those get into the arboretum, I think you'll be just fine."

Stan was glad the Captain had not asked for any further details. He was not sure his new position would still be open for him. He had told her about the mental issues. The vulcan cure had caused him in later life.

“ Captain.I can assure you the arboretum will be a place. Fur your good self and the crew. To relax and unwind during a long shift. We will have to have insects to pollinate the plants. But I will make sure they are wee safe ones of course.” Stan said

"Excellent." Michelle said. "I look forward to hearing about your progress. If there's anything else, please let me know."

Stan eyes brightened.

“ So I have yer permission to build an arboretum ma’am?” Stan asked

"Absolutely." Michelle asked. "I'm sure we can find some room plus it might cheer us all up a bit."

Stan’s eyes lit up and the galaxy’s widest smile crossed his face.

“ Oh thank you Captain. Deck Seven is ideal we have a large space there that will be perfect. We can start laying down the foundations as soon as possible.” He said excited.

"I look forward to hearing your progress." Michelle said. "Thank you for checking in, Mr. More. That will be all." she said as both resumed their work.


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