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Security clearance

Posted on Tue May 25th, 2021 @ 6:41pm by Lieutenant Shaille Levine & Lieutenant JG Stan More

Mission: Recovery
Location: Security
Timeline: Backpost

Stan was always nervous of security officers. They always seemed to look at you. As if your body language was giving you away. To some dastardly deed you had done.

He remembered once as a seven year old. Going scrumping. Scrumping was an old name for sneaking into an orchard and stealing apples. Unfortunately the apples they stole were sour ones. Grew especially to make cider. Common sense should have prevailed. The boys should have thrown the apples away. Instead they had a game to see who could eat the most. The greatest tummy aches in the alpha quadrant followed. Stan was off school for three days.

A rather suspicious policeman came to visit. After the owner of the orchard reported having apples missing. Stan swore his tummy ache started long before. The apples were stolen. Nothing more was done. But the way the policeman looked at him. Stan felt he knew the truth. Once the policeman left. His ear still got twisted by his grandmother.

Stan walked up to the security officer.

“ Hello. Lieutenant ( jg ) Stan More. Assistant Chief Science Officer reporting for duty ma’am.” He said politely.

"Just a minute," Shaille walked straight passed Stan, approaching a junior officer sitting at a desk and near slammed a PaDD down on the desk, making the Ensign jump. "Weapons locker, deck five. Why the hell would you leave it open? Are you really so damned thick? This is the SECOND time you've left a weapons locker open and unattended. I WILL be writing you up for this and I WILL be referring this to Commander Tang for disciplinary action, do you understand?" The acerbic tone of her voice was unmistakable.

Without waiting for a response, Shaille turned around, the stern expression on her face moving seamlessly into a smile. "Now, Lieutenant More, how can I help you?"

Stan stood back a little as he watched Levine in action. She reminded him of his maternal grandmother. Who one moment would be dishing out ear twisting’s. Then the next kissing the top of your head and pinching your cheek.

He handed her a padd.

“ I have come fer my security codes ma’am.” He replied.

"Sure, come on through to my office," Shaille motioned for him to walk with her as they crossed security. "Sorry, we've had some issues with junior officers being negligent, unfortunately it puts everyone at risk so it has to be dealt with." She shook her head, clearly still at least mildly annoyed by the events. "Lieutenant Stan More... yes?" Shaille asked as she keyed the access code to her office. "How long have you been aboard for?"

Stan was worried as Levine looked into his service record. Mores career up to date had been rather colourful. From his first few troubled months on the Komorkis. To six months at Starfleet medical. Then his rather short time on the Comfort. It seemed trouble followed him. But Stan was different now. More stable and a better team member for it.

“ Only a few wee hours ma’am. I have already spoken to the Captain. I must say this sure is a bonnie wee vessel ye have here.” Stan said with a smile.

"She is an impressive ship," Shaille said with a smile. "And if people do their jobs properly," she cast a glance toward the junior officer she had spoken to just moments ago, "then we can keep her this way." She picked up a PaDD, thumbed into it and scrolled through the data it contained. "Lieuenant Junior Grade Stan More. Science officer." She laughed and shook her head. "So you must be one of those smart people huh?"

Stan tried not to smile openly. Levine reminded him of his Grandmother. Should Stan be wary of her? No. If Levine was like her she would be cross but fair. Then again he was not a security officer. He was a scientist so hopefully.As long as he did not create anything that put the crew in danger. Their paths would not cross in a bad way.

He hoped that his idea for the arboretum would go ahead. Levine looked like she could do with a nice calm place to destress.

“ To be honest ma’am. No one can ever be to smart. There is always something new to learn. Even though I have a photographic memory. I am always finding wee facts that I dinna know before. Like this bonnie wee ship fur instance. Tis the first time I have ever seen one of these.” Stan said happily. “ I’ll soon find my way around though , don’t worry. I have a photographic memory.

"Oh," Shaille shook her head slightly. "Sorry, that may be incredibly difficult, I'm sorry. I can't imagine how hard it must be to live with something like that." After a moment she handed the PaDD across to him. "Just check and make sure all your details are correct and I'll get the computer to generate clearance codes for you."

Stan shook his head.

“ Och. Nay lassie. It’s not a problem having a photographic memory. It’s like having a library in yer heed. If say I did nay wish to remember something. Then I don’t open the wee book. So it’s nay bother believe me. If anything fur a science officer tis a blessing.”

Stan took the padd.

“ So who will I be bunking with?” He asked.

"I'll be honest, I'm not sure. Quarters assignments aren't really my thing. All I can tell you with any certainty is that you're not bunking in my quarters," she grinned. "I'd suggest you see Operations, they'll be the ones to give you all of that information if you don't already have it." She drew in a breath. "Now, is there anything else you need from me Lieutenant?"

Stan checked the padd.

“ Och. I dinna mean ta be a wee pest. But there’s nay security code clearance passwords here for the science lab? Sorry lassie.” Stan said showing her the padd. He then looked at the plant behind her.

“ Is that an Cardassian rock alpine? “ He asked.

Shaille shrugged, syncing the PaDD back to the computer to update the security clearances assigned to him. "I couldn't tell you, honestly, I assume someone from Starfleet put it here. Seems kind of ridiculous, but as long as I don't have to take care of it, it doesn't bother me."

Stan looked over at the plant.

“ Actually Lassie. Don’t take this the wrong way. I mean you absolutely no disrespect. But did ye check over the plant. The obsidian order were well known for using them. As ease dropping devices. Due to the density of the plant. Making detection of any listening devices difficult” Stan warned her.

Shaille laughed. "You needn't worry about it," she said with a grin. "We have a modulating sensor program we use to sweep the whole ship at random intervals for any kind of bug or device. We run a tight ship and I take security very seriously, especially here in the Delta Quadrant."

“ That is quite impressive. But you know what the obsidian order is like. They take great pleasure in being able to put one over our security sweeps. I bet they cannot wait to see what treasures the Delta quadrant has to offer. On a way I am the same. Oh don’t worry I am not a Cardassian altered to look human I assure you. But I read the report from Voyager about Nelix and the plants he used. I hope to get a look at those in the flesh so to speak.” Stan said

"I'm not sure we'll get close to Voyager's path any time soon," Shaille said with a laugh. "I've been here for a few years now, it's... interesting." She shook her head and handed the PaDD back to him. "There you go, everything should be on there. That's all the clearance I have for you. If you need any more you'll likely have to speak to Commander Tang about it."

Stan gave her his best smile.

“ Thank you very much. Listen if you need a hand with your plants or want some new ones. Please let me know I would be happy to help.” He said.

Shaille smiled in response. "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. Welcome aboard the Wellington Lieutenant, I hope you like it here."


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