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So... That Was Weird

Posted on Fri Jun 4th, 2021 @ 11:02am by Ensign Andrew Gervais & Lieutenant Shaille Levine

Mission: Recovery
Location: Crew Lounge
Timeline: After "Unfinished Business"

Andrew and Paul were sitting together in the crew lounge, with Andrew still a bit shocked at what had taken place in the meeting. Paul, his partner, looked over at him disapprovingly and almost a little annoyed.

"I can't believe you just straight up volunteered for it." Paul said.

"Who else was there?" Andrew asked. "Ensign Laro? She's barely been aboard 3 months."

"I don't know! Anyone who has actually FLOWN a goddamn fighter craft, Andrew." Paul replied. "I just... Ugh. I can't stand the thought of you endangering yourself like that."

"I have to do it." Andrew said. "I don't expect you to understand."

"Don't worry," Shaille grinned as she walked up behind them, unable to hear their 'conversation'. "I'll be there too and I'll have his back. Besides, at this stage he won't be flying the fighter, just the shuttle to get us there. We're going to find Trapdoor and bring him home," she said, no hiding the hidden anger in her voice. "With or without Prel's help."

Paul looked up at Shaille and then looked over at Andrew. "Wait... What about Prel?"

"Let's.... just say he knows how to make a hell of a first impression with the new captain." Gervais said before he paused and delivered a tolerable impersonation. "This isn't the Federation Council, Commander. My choices aren't up for debate."

"You know, there's a small part of me that really wants Prel on this mission," Shaille said quietly. "I'm sure I can find a nice ravine to throw him into... sanctimonious, arrogant piece of targ dung!" She grimaced, clenching her fists at her side. "Who the hell does he think he is to behave like that?"

"Right?? I'm honestly surprised she didn't dismiss him right on the spot! She's too nice." Andrew said.

"Oh, this sounds good...." Paul said. "Fill me in!"

"Prel got mouthy at the first meeting with the new Captain," Shaille replied quietly as they kept walking. "It kind of dissolved into a bit of a free for all with some yelling, some name calling, some thinly veiled threats and some not so veiled insults..." She cracked her knuckles on one hand, a sign of tension that had become more apparent since 'the incident'. "He's lucky the Captain intervened," she added. "Things would have gotten messy."

"Man, I kinda wish she would have." Paul said. "Someone down in the fighter wing was saying he's basically been running them ragged for the last couple weeks."

"Yeah well the guy's nuts." Andrew replied. "Like... Who just decides we need to go all gung ho and start a war over what happened? I miss the Captain too. Hell I even miss T'Pryn a little. But Prel? He needs to calm the hell down."

"He's a liability," Shaille said quietly. "We can't take him on the away team, and I'm not sure leaving him on the ship is a good idea. He's likely to do something stupid." She sighed. "You think we could get away with stuffing him in a torpedo tube and launching him into null space?"

"Is there anyone from the senior staff even staying behind to stand up to him if he tries?" Gervais asked.

"I mean, what's the worst he can do? He can't just order the Wellington to bomb the planet." Paul said. "Nobody's going to follow that order, angry as they are about all this or not. And I don't think the fighter squad would be gung ho to do something stupid either."

"One hot headed person can do a lot of damage," she said softly. "A rogue bomb, a gung ho attack," she shook her head. "He's a liability. He should be relieved from duty and confined to quarters until this is over."

"I wonder why the Captain didn't." Gervais asked. "Like... really..."

"Maybe she was too shocked at that moment that someone was suggesting starting a war over a contact-gone-bad." Paul replied

"Well, I guess we'll see how this plays out soon enough," Shaille said as they approached the turbolifts. "This is my stop. See y'all later tonight? Drinks in the lounge?"

"Sounds good!" Andrew said. "Guess we should celebrate once we get our shuttle back."

"I better be celebrating." Paul said. "Please, just... be careful."

"I'll bring him back," Shaille called over her shoulder as she walked away. "I'll even try to make sure it's in one piece...


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