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Heading Out

Posted on Sun May 30th, 2021 @ 11:43am by Captain Michelle Bartlett & Lieutenant Commander Danon Prel & Lieutenant Talea Honn & Lieutenant JG Sandra Garcia & Ensign Laro Adel & Lieutenant JG Eric Rensgaald & Lieutenant JG Stan More & Ensign Felicie Rivero & Gunnery Sergeant Ami Rori

Mission: Recovery
Location: Bridge

Begin New Captain's Log, Stardate 71484.1. Despite many reservations and misgivings, the Wellington is en route to retrieve our downed fighter pilot and craft from the incident responsible for the death of my predecessor. My diplomatic counterpart on board, Lieutenant Honn, is concerned we might be up for a bigger fight than what Starfleet Intelligence initially believed.

Michelle sat in the chair, anxious to get to the deployment segment of the mission. There were enormous risks to this and she wasn't convinced after that staff meeting that it was the right decision. But orders were orders and she commanded the nearest ship. She grinned a little to herself at that last thought. It was her command now. Maybe she'd missed the big chair more than she thought.

"The foreign office has advised us of the last known coordinates of the ship when it was downed. But it might be trickier now." Honn explained. "The area where it landed is firmly in insurgent control now. Nothing Intelligence has given us is remotely verifiable at this point."

"So.. we're flying in blind." Michelle said.

"That's correct." the chief diplomat said, taking the chair to the Captain's right.

Prel looked over at the Captain. "Ma'am, I think we need to be prepared for a potential armed conflict. We may have to fight off an attack force again. I can have the fighters ready in an hour."

"Not yet." Michelle replied. "Their government has been more than helpful enough in providing material. More so considering the mining freighter Starfleet Intelligence initially procured for us turned out to be a total dud."

"I'm sure our ground team will be all right, ma'am." Ami said with a half smile from a secondary security console. Her orders from Hailey had been clear: Be on the bridge in case the new Captain needed information about the marines, "Major Weston is very good, even against bad odds, especially against bad odds."

"Who else did the Major order to accompany from your unit, Ms....?" she asked, forgetting the name for a moment.

"Rori, ma'am." Ami reminded her gently, "She's taking Sergeant Dreik, our demolitions expert, as well as Corporals Callen and Alliav, marksman and scout respectively. Smaller group than she was hoping, but as was pointed out, stealth is the best defense in this case and a larger party would be more detectable. Lieutenant Jesco is standing by with a Quick Reaction Force of the rest of the company in case our people get in trouble and you decide to go to their rescue, ma'am."

"Sounds like a plan. She really does think of everything." Michelle said before turning to Commander Prel. "See? You've got your Plan B."

"I'd suggest meeting Lieutenant Jesco before calling that a Plan B." Prel replied.

"Sir, before she left for the mission, the Major, the Lieutenant and I went over several possible scenarios." The Gunnery Sergeant's eyes went to the pilot's, "It's called preparation. Perhaps you've heard of it, sir?"

"Happy to see we're all prepared." Michelle said, trying not to turn the Bridge into whatever the hell that briefing was. "Ensign Laro, what's our ETA?"

"Another 30 minutes, Captain." Laro replied.

"Sergeant... If we need extraction, how soon can Jesco's team be ready?" Michelle asked.

"He'll be ready on your command, ma'am." Ami returned her look to the Captain, the smile coming again, "No spin-up time required."

"Excellent." Michelle turned to the First Officer's chair where Prel had planted himself. "Once we arrive, you can monitor the away team's progress. A shuttlecraft is less conspicuous than a ship, but we also want to hide ourselves as well. We're likely a prime target."

"The local authorities on Mularva have cleared us to hold position at this location." Lieutenant Honn said, gesturing to it on the XO's console.

"That's at least a 5-8 minute trip once deployed. I don't think we'll have that kind of time if something goes south."

"Because of the volatility of the situation, we've been asked not to enter their space." Honn said. "Our hands are tied."

"In your world, maybe." Prel said. "Captain, I recommend we scan for anomalies and see if we can hide a fighter squadron near any kind of distortion or anomaly in the area."

"And breach their borders?" Michelle said. "Commander, that would be an act of war."

"I mean... with all due respect, ma'am.... We're a bit past the hug it out and talk about our feelings stage." Prel said.

"Sir, with all due respect? If we set up forces like you suggest and they're discovered lurking? It puts our team on the ground in even greater danger." Ami looked between Prel and Michelle, "Stealth is the greatest asset they have, in and out without detection would be optimal. This counts as Special Operations and with as little notice as we've got, sir, best not to make it more complicated than it has to be. Adapt, Overcome, Achieve, sir."

As Assistant Chief Science Officer Stan was expected to be on the bridge. The last time More had sat at a Science console. It had been back on the Komorkis, a Life time ago. Now a year later here stood or sat Stan. At the science console on the Wellington. This time he was not the scared Ensign trying to keep, his last meal down. This time he knew exactly what to do. Plus he was glad to be there and also if truth be told excited.

"Agreed." Michelle said. "Mr. More, can you find anything in the vicinity we may be able to use to mask our signal? I'd like to avoid detection if at all possible, even outside their borders."

"We could alter our warp signature," Felicie said thoughtfully. "It wouldn't be too hard, we could make ourselves appear, at least on sensors as a different vessel..." She paused, fingers tapping at the console in front of her. "What if..." she tapped a few more times. "So look at this..." She brought a sector map up on one side of the screen. "Looking at sensor data there is a section of space that runs just near their borders that seems to be a transport corridor, primarily civilian and freight transports. We could make ourselves look like a Tyrellian freight junker. To any outward observer, at least anyone who isn't in visual range, we'd look perfectly at home."

Maybe it was because he was new. The officer had assumed that Stan’s silence was not his thinking of a solution. But perhaps nervous at being suddenly in the spotlight. After just arriving on the ship. The old Stan would of been angry. However the new Stan knew full well. This was not the Stan More show. You had to share the bridge with others. Except and also help with other ideas. Plus it was a better idea then his.

"Might be enough." Michelle said.

“ Captain that is a very good idea. I also offer an alternative for your consideration. There is a gaseous anomaly not too far from us and the target. We could easily hide inside it. Without any damage to ourselves. Plus we would be nearer to help. Should the need arise.” Stan suggested.

"Hiding? Do we know if they want to ambush us?" Prel asked. "There's a lot we don't know about the insurgents while we've been buttering up their government."

"A government that survived their initial attempt at taking it down, sir." Honn reminded Commander Prel. "We can't just punish them any more than they are their own people."

"How do we know they're even trying?" Prel responded. "The security they provided our team was laughable at best."

"If I may, sir, right now what matters isn't whether the government is trying nor what security they provided our team." Ami's voice was bitter at the memory of what had happened, but she remained focused on the here and now, "It's about recovering our pilot and fighter. We cannot, I repeat, Can Not interfere in their internal dispute, sir."

"Sergeant Rori might be sitting in that chair in a minute." Michelle said with a hint of warning to Prel. "Mr. More, do you have some alternative ideas?"

"Sickbay might be providing a body bag in a minute," Felicie muttered under her breath as she shook her head. "Waiting your orders Captain," she finally added.

"Let's proceed with Mr. More's idea for now." Michelle said. "Ensign Laro, is that anomaly outside the border?"

Stan nodded. His hands ran over the console as he looked at the readings from the gaseous anomaly.

" The anomaly looks stable. We should be safe inside it for quite a while." Stan Said

"Yes, Captain. A bit more within range to deploy a rescue op if needed. Maybe 4-5 minutes."

"See?" Michelle turned to Prel. "Seek and you shall find without starting a war. Set course for that anomaly." she added before turning to Ops. "Power down all systems except weapons once we're in range."

"Aye, ma'am. Flyer reports ready for departure." Garcia replied from Ops.

"We're really not going to have any show of force after this?" Prel asked.

"No." Michelle replied. "We're not." she added in a tone tolerating no opposition.

"Weapons set to standby," Felicie responded. "Targeting sensors are offline, we can target and fire manually if we need to. I recommend we reset our sensors to passive only."

"Proceed." Michelle said.

"Aye, ma'am." Garcia responded

"Bridge to Flyer. You're clear for departure." Michelle said, pressing a button from her console. "Good luck."

"Shuttle is away, Captain." came the response from the helm.

"I'm going to get caught up on some paperwork... Hold position and monitor the team's progress." Michelle said, before hesitantly adding.. "Commander Prel, you have the bridge."

Felicie looked up toward the Captain, uncertainty clear on her face, but instead of speaking, she turned back to the console in silence. This was not good. Not good at all.

Ami shook her head, then reached and patted the sidearm reassuringly. If Prel did something stupid... Do first, ask for forgiveness later.


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