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Setting Course

Posted on Sun May 30th, 2021 @ 12:33pm by Ensign Andrew Gervais & Lieutenant Commander Rostra Tang & Major Hailey Weston & Lieutenant Cor Cordale & Lieutenant Shaille Levine & Staff Sergeant Andromeda Dreik

Mission: Recovery
Location: Shuttle Bay 1

Andrew was doing the pre-flight inspection on the Flyer, making sure the shuttle was prepped and ready to go. There hadn't been any serious issues, though he did have to adjust the antimatter coils a bit. It must have been a while since the shuttle was used. They would never have been able to hit maximum warp otherwise and they might need everything they've got.

"Good news." Andrew said. "We're not going to blow up!"

"Well, that's a good thing." Hailey chuckled, glancing over to where her quartet of troops were once again going over their gear, "I'd far rather get there in one piece than have a short but eventful trip."

"Agreed. I've got someone who isn't too pleased I volunteered for this." Andrew replied. "I think he'd like to me to get back alive too."

"Don't worry, Ensign, I'll keep you nice and safe and comfy." Hailey grinned, "My name is Hailey and I'll be your flight attendant on this flight. Would you like some coffee catered for the trip, or would you prefer some tea?"

Andrew chuckled. "Coffee, please. And uhh don't worry. I won't complain too much about it. Most flight attendants don't know about 12 different ways to kill me."

"Svarta if you're pouring." Rostra offered. Then paused, "Oh, I suppose it would help if you knew what that was. In that case, just a coffee for me, please." her twin piped up, "Light, and sweet if you please."

Her double attention turned to Andrew with a smirk, "I'm not worried about someone with twelve ways to kill me. I'm worried about someone with twelve reasons to."

"Coffee, black, six sugars," Andi groaned as she entered the shuttle and headed for the nearest seat she could find. "What's our ETA for travel? I desperately need to nap."

Shaille shook her head as she moved through the shuttle, heading into the cockpit and assuming the co-pilots chair, immediately running a diagnostic on the weapons and tactical systems. "Self inflicted, no sympathy," she retorted to Andi. "Now, once everyone's in we're gonna need to go over some basics before we get this bucket of bolts out there. We need to know we're all on the same page. One of us screws up, everyone's in a world of hurt, and Captain Bartlett wouldn't let me bring Prel as a Trill Shield."

Andrew laughed. "Don't worry. I know what I'm doing... Though if I need to know more, let me know. Sounds like I'm just flying us into their space and sneaking somewhere to beam you guys down?"

Hailey chuckled at that as she made herself busy at the replicator, "We've got a general location for the crash location, which we can more precisely locate as we approach. What I would like to do is find a smaller clearing that we can land in, then go on a hike to the crash site." Her first trip from the replicator she handed drinks to Andi and Andrew, "Rostra, think there's any way we could masquerade as a xeno-biology shuttle from a university? Maybe request permission to land in the wild to catalogue trees, plants and other wildlife as part of a study for a school project? It just has to hold for a few hours, no more than... Twelve, say?" She brought coffees over to Rostra this time, "Don't hide our presence, just have a good reason for being there."

Rostra gave a pair of nods, "You know, I like it. It's simple, nothing convoluted involving eighteen moving parts, and best of all, it's non-confrontational." she said, now sporting a pair of smiles. "We could just tell them we're part of an..."

"... extensive xenobotanical division of the Dalacari Academies of Science and Discovery." she stated, now more just thinking out loud.

"A cover might not be a bad idea." Andrew responded. "The Trill shield works too but unfortunately we left him at home."

"Cover is a great idea, but not at the expense of a fellow crew member. Without them, someone would have to do their paperwork." she chided, but with humor.

"We're in a Federation shuttle, so perhaps we shouldn't use the Dalacari Academy?" Hailey brought her own coffee back with her this time, then leaned over Gervais to tap on the screen a few times, bringing up what looked like an ID with her face on it, but wearing glasses. She put on a semi-harried look, "Hiiiiii, I'm Doctor Felice Devonn from the University of Betazed's School of Agriculture. We're here on a trip to observe your flora and fauna and perhaps take some samples of your plantlife for some study? I've got some of my students here doing a sorta major project comparing different forest types and how they sustain their native life. We'll only be a few hours, like our request we sent out two months ago in advance?" She sounded like a teacher that was frustrated riding herd on students she'd rather just space.

"Well I suppose if you're going to go that route, that makes sense. Though not to be mean, but not those glasses." she shook her heads. "Also, you're the instructor..."

"... so you should be a little more authoritarian. We've sent the paperwork in, it's all been approved months ago, we'll only be here for an hour, two tops. No maybes..."

"... no sortas, and for Dia's sake no Likes." she giggled.

"Well, I want to give us a few hous just in case we need to hike or repair and that could take longer." Hailey shrugged, her voice back to normal, "Besides, the identity of Felice Devonn is one I've used before for an entry, even if they can run an ID check on her, she's in the U of B's database, so I have to keep the glasses for the comm. I suppose I could be more authoritarian, but I even know how to explain us using a Starfleet shuttle, we just happened to hitch a ride with a ship passing through the general area, which we'll meet up with again as they return."

"Guess we should probably ditch these uniforms then." Andrew said. "I suppose we can at least replicate something. If we had a doctor aboard, we could just have ourselves altered but then... into what?"

Coughing, Hailey shook her head, "Speaking AS the doctor on board? No."

"Damn. I really wanted to be a Ferengi." Andrew said with a chuckle

Rostra looked over at Andrew with a pair of smirks, "And what, in Dia's graces, would the doctor hold in store for me?" she asked with an amused tone. "No thank you. Save the makeup and prosthetics for All..."

"... Gallows Eve, if you please. It's hard enough finding costumes that fit without demeaning my sense of self." the binary lifeform grumbled, but she was amused still. Seemed almost impossible to diminish her spirits.

"Alright, so if subterfuge calls for it, we can lose the uniforms. Keep it sharp and professional, though. We're on a scientific expedition. Let's at least not look like..."

"... a bunch of freshmen out on a night pass."

"On the ground, absolutely." Hailey agreed, "When dealing with planetary authorities?" She shook her head, "Gervais is the camp counselor, the Starfleet officer who drew the short straw and has to deal with the college people who don't know the first thing about how the universe works because they're head deep in their books. We want to look as little like Starfleet as possible while flying a Fleet shuttle in and out. If we had the time and could get away with it, I'd want to repaint the shuttle to look non-Fleet, but we don't have that time. Getting down to the planet without arousing suspicion is the hardest part. I know, I've been there, as has Andi over there."

Already dressed to blend, Andi didn't need to replicate new clothing, instead making the choice to curl up on the floor for a quick nap, using her newly shed jacket as a pillow. "Just don't kick my bag," she murmured sleepily. "Some of those triggers might be a bit hairy."

Shaille sighed as she replicated fresh clothing and started changing. "It's been a while since I've gone down without a uniform," she mused quietly. "Us Fleeters don't usually get to play in these playgrounds..." She looked across at Hailey. "Should be fun," she added as she picked up her phaser and strapped the holster to her hips.

"Sounds like a plan." Andrew said, replicating a different set of clothes. "All systems are ready although... I think we have an engineer we're waiting on?"

"I'm commin!" the voice of the one and only Thux called up, in an accent that sounded too familiar, but too impossible. "Had to make sure I had everything. Not gonna have the convenience of a replicator out dere." he cited, as he half-ran to the shuttle. "Anyhow, party has arrived." he chuckled, giving an nod of his head and a bit of his neck to the front of the cabin as he closed the ramp behind him. "Oi, don't you go getting left behind." he muttered, moving his tail out of the way of the closing ramp.

"Starfleet ain't figured out tails yet." he mentioned as he picked a seat and stowed his duffle. "Okay so I guess I missed something cause half'a yous is outta uniform. Lemme know now, so I don't have to embarrass half'a you." he chuckled, always in good spirits.

Hailey shook her head and chuckled as well, "Don't worry and basically hold tight. Anyone who's going to be in a possible field of view from a comm or visual pass just needs to be in more civilian attire. We're masquerading as a University field research trip to get down to the surface where we need to be, then we hike to the fighter, you fix it or she blows it, we hike back, lift and get outta there." She threw a thumb over her shoulder to the snoozing Andi, "In and out, no one gets hurt if we can help it, weapons on stun. If it comes down to it though, we put a hurt on whoever feels the need to interfere and we still get out of there."

"So dat makes me what, school mascot?" a pause, "Don't answer dat."

"That makes you what stands between me and a good bang," Andi answered coyly from her position on the floor, eyes still closed, back of one hand covering her eyes. "No offence darlin' but I'm hopin' you're havin' a bad day."

Shaille snickered at the comment as she moved forward through the shuttle, uniform safely stowed, firearms secured to her person. She slid back into the co-pilots seat next to Andrew and drew in a breath. "We need to get going," she said quietly. "Everything else can be sorted out while we're in the air."

"Agreed." Andrew said. "I can get us underway when you're ready, ma'am." he said, turning to Rostra. "Hopefully before Commander Prel tries to join us."

Cordale gave a smirk as he found a spot to sit. "Why's that? You the one gonna make it all better?" he replied just a coy. "Thux are champion kissers, I'll warn you."

"Don't threaten me with a good time," Andi shot back, still not even opening her eyes. "I might just take you up on it."

"If you both are done with shenanigans, Major, can we launch this thing already? I want this over and done with so we can move on with our lives," Shaille interjected. "We're cleared for launch, just waiting on your command."

"Commander?" Hailey glanced to Rostra. Rostra gave the Major a pair of smirks and a pair of nods, "The word is given. Take us out... Professor she joked. Hailey then patted Andrew on the shoulder, "Take us out, Ensign. I'm going to get my professor on for when they send us a message."

"Aye, ma'am." he replied. "Requesting departure clearance..." he paused a moment awaiting confirmation. "Bridge has cleared us." he said as the shuttlebay doors opened.



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