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Unamused and Unimpressed

Posted on Sat Jun 26th, 2021 @ 9:23am by Lieutenant Commander Danon Prel & Lieutenant JG Siobahn Fallon

Mission: Recovery
Location: TBD
Timeline: TBD

Prel walked out of the turbolift heading towards the lounge. That watch was quite enough with those harping diplomats on the bridge. All his lifetimes he'd never seen anything like the utter naivety that seemed to be so proudly on display out here. Four members of the senior staff were dead and Starfleet was wasting its time being nice? No wonder the Dominion War started.

Siobahn had been about to leave the lounge when Prel walked in. She remained in her seat, watching him for a moment. News of his outburst in the senior staff meeting had travelled quickly through the ship, especially through the lower decks. Of course, it had become a case of Starfleet Whispers. By the time she heard the story told for the tenth time Prel had broken into a hulk like rage and thrown a chair at Captain Bartlett, Commander Tang had bared her teeth (never a pretty sight on a Dalacari) and Prel had been shot by Lieutenant Levine.

Given that he had just strutted into the lounge, an air of arrogance wafting around him, clearly there was at least some exaggeration in the retelling of the tale, at least the shooting part. As he took a seat at a table, Siobahn slid out of her own chair and crossed the lounge, taking the seat across from him and resting her hands on the table between them. "Tell me," she said softly, her voice lilting with sweetness. "Did you have to take special classes at the Academy to establish this level of pompous arrogance or does it just come naturally to you?"

Prel looked at the ensign. "If by special classes, you mean tactical training and an understanding that sometimes you can't hug or analyze everything you see under a microscope... Actually, you know what? Lecture me about my attitude when you've got an extra solid pip on that uniform, kid."

"What do you think an extra pip will give me that I don't have now?" Siobahn asked, tilting her head to one side slightly, her long red hair falling down over her shoulder. "Interesting that you think rank is important. Is that what's causing the chip on your shoulder? The weight of the extra solid pip?"

"What's causing the chip on my shoulder is how we've been out here now many years now, Doc?" Prel asked.

"I've been here for 3 years, I don't know about you," Siobahn stated calmly, still having not raised her voice.

"In all that time, we've met people who are just rabidly violent, hostile, barely trustworthy. Now I know we've got our mission and that involves exploring and that other stuff. I get that. But why in the hell did the geniuses on Earth send us another diplomat to try and talk things out with people who murdered our crewmates?"

"Because she's a diplomat that's going to do what's necessary to keep your stupidly arrogant ass alive," Siobahn countered. "There are other ways to win a war, without going in guns blazing and riling up already fuelled tempers."

"They got away with murdering our Captain, the First Officer, the Marine CO and the CMO." Prel said. "And we are sitting here hiding and sneaking around not taking a chance to strike back and show them we don't tolerate that sort of behaviour. I know this isn't a Klingon ship or a Romulan ship, and I don't want us to blow the planet to bits but do you trust the authorities there to hold the folks who did it to account?"

"So we should lower ourselves to their standards? We should go and commit murder to avenge murder?" Siobahn shook her head. "I thought Trill were supposed to be enlightened. You're nothing more than a savage."

"Hardly." Prel replied. "In my lifetimes, I've been a diplomat, a lawyer, and a soldier. The captain means well. She really does. But that's not going to do anything to make right the loss of 4 members of our senior staff. '

"I would think," Siobahn replied quietly, "That if you had been a diplomat and a lawyer you'd understand that an eye for an eye doesn't make things right either."

"No, but I watched a lot of people run roughshod over others and never get held to account for it. Our officers deserved a lot better on that world than what they got. Surely you can't dispute that."

"I don't dispute it, not for a moment, but starting a war does nothing to honour their death. Starting a war just puts more lives in danger. Not even you can dispute that," Siobahn replied.

"I don't think it's starting a war. I think it's dealing with a bunch of people that even the leaders on that world don't particularly care if something happens to them." Prel said. "Of course, some will say it's interference in their affairs, but... We can't keep getting kicked around out here."

"Well I guess it's a good thing you're not in command then," Siobahn shot back quietly, pushing her chair back from the table. "If you'll excuse me, I think I'll go find somewhere else to be. The air here seems particularly repugnant tonight."

"By all means." Prel said. If only the bleeding hearts aboard could see the necessity for the actions he was taking... This wasn't about revenge. It was about sending a message. And that message would be sent soon enough.


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