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Posted on Wed Jun 30th, 2021 @ 7:02pm by Lieutenant Renee Salchin & Lieutenant Commander Danon Prel & Lieutenant JG Sandra Garcia & Cadet Senior Grade Brady Macleod

Mission: Recovery
Location: Bridge/Main Engineering/Fighter Bay/Jeffries Tube

=/\= BRIDGE =/\=

"Commander, the shuttlecraft has cleared." Garcia announced from the Bridge

"Excellent. Wish them good luck." Prel said from the Captain's chair before turning to Lieutenant Honn. "There's a matter with the fighter squad I need to attend to. Some routine diagnostics I'd ordered. I'll return in a moment. You have the bridge."

"Aye, sir." she said, confused and sensing almost a duplicitousness from Commander Prel.

“Sir, are you sure you should be leaving the bridge? If you’d like, I could have a troop go and pick up the results and bring them to the bridge for you?” Ami was suspicious, very, very suspicious, and we’ll… Trying to be helpful if she was wrong.

"That won't be necessary, Sergeant. Remain at your post until you're directed otherwise." he said. "Lieutenant Honn, as I said... You have the bridge."

"Yes, Commander." Honn said before looking knowingly at Rori. She waited for him to leave. "Something seems off about him."

“Yes, sir,” Ami agreed with him, “He looks like a Private who has this wonderful idea that if he tells us what it is, we would say no, so he’s going to up and do it anyways.” She shook her head, “Think the Captain would mind if we locked all hangers down for the time being? We’ll see the shuttle coming back with plenty of time to open the main doors, sir,.”

"Do it." Honn said. "If she objects, I'll take the heat. I just hope it won't affect your spin-up time if we need the secondary Marine team to deploy."

"Blame it on the uppity Marine, sir." Ami smiled, "I'll get scolded, but that'd be it. Besides, if we need the backup squad, we'll have to get in closer to deploy, so we'll have plenty of time." She spent a handful of seconds to bring up the proper menu on her screen, "And we're locked down. It'll take a command code to open them now."

"Perfect." Honn said. "Let's hope we don't need it, but I have a feeling we will. If we aren't too late."


"I think we fixed that small fluctuation Lieutenant Cordale wanted us to look at, Lieutenant" Cadet Macleod said from the console he was intently studying. He had been aboard for his training cruise when... well... everything happened. He almost wished he'd been back home, but... It was at least interesting out here.

Renee finished a huge yawn as she stopped actively twirling in the chair and stood up with a luxurious stretch before sauntering her way over to to the cadet, “All right Brady, let’s assume that I don’t know what you’re talking about and walk me through what fluctuation you got fixed?” She gave an award winning smile, this was one way of teaching people, have them show their work.

"There was a bit of interference that was affecting propulsion efficiency.. Not slowing us down by much but just enough that it could have been a problem if we suddenly needed the power. We had some buildup in the nacelle relays that was throwing our dilithium usage off." he said, gesturing on a screen. "It looks like with the corrections we made, it cleared itself out and everything is running back to where it was." Brady paused a moment. "Though this I can't figure out." he added, pointing to fluctuations through the sensor array and impulse drive. "It doesn't look serious, but it seems a strange place to suddenly have fluctuations run through. I noticed it while most of you were at the reception. What's the new Captain like anyway?" he asked.

“In the nacelles? Indeed.. That sort of fluctuation would ordinarily be seen by the deformation of the dilithium crystal matrix structure.” Renee smiled as the cadet correctly came up with the proper supposition, “After we get back to ‘safe’ space, we will probably want to make a reaaally close examination of relays to see if there’s some carbon buildup or the like.” She leaned in over his shoulder to look at the readings, “They are within tolerances, barely, which is why we didn’t get a flag yet… But that is weird.. Probably a glitch in the regulators?” She shrugged and patted him on the shoulder, “Not an emergency. The Captain seems pretty nice, should work out just fine. Didn’t really say more than ‘hi’ yet, though I’ll catch her at some point just to chat!”

"Well.. that's not so bad." Brady replied. "I'll check the regulators again though. We shouldn't be seeing any sort of fluctuation. It looks like it's something between the power supply and the warp engines but I'm not able to isolate it."

"Reroute through junction Delta Three, see if bypassing that section does anything to settle it down." She pondered for a few more seconds, "If it doesn't, then we've got a problem at the source, not in the regulation system. Then, we escalate it up to where the Captain needs to know about it. Good job, Cadet, good job."

"Thanks!" Brady said, pleased he was getting some recognition. Most days in Engineering were fine, but others he still felt like a total imposter. "Rerouting charge through Delta 3." Brady replied.

=/\= FIGHTER BAY =/\=

Prel walked into the fighter bay, heading in the direction of the officer in charge on the deck. The squadron immediately came to attention when he was sighted.

"As you were." Prel asked. "What's our status?"

"We're almost ready. I've tweaked the disruptors on the craft as you requested, but I do have one question, sir." Lieutenant Johnston asked.

"Not that I haven't put up with enough of those today." Prel asked. "What's the question."

"Sir, how do you plan to get Captain Bartlett to actually agree to this? Like... Sure, we want to get back at them for killing Captain Reynolds. But... You really think she's going to just let you do it?"

"Of course not." Prel said. "We're going to force her hand."

"Sir?" he asked.

"If the Captain knows what's going on, she isn't going to order the fighters to deploy. Obviously I can't just order them myself because she would countermand that order immediately and probably some do-gooder on the bridge would stop me." Prel replied. "But if we take the sensors offline, she'll need a pair of eyes out there."

"Which is where we come in." Johnston said, realizing the plan.

"Exactly." Prel added. "I've set up a power allocation that Ops won't be able to detect in time to stop it. It's risky but it should only affect the primary power relay and cripple the secondary long enough for us to get to the planet, strike the insurgents and get back to the ship. I'm going to need you to make it appear as though your craft is under attack.

"What about Commander Tang's away team?" Johnston asked. "Won't that compromise them?"

"If they're fast and as smart as they think, they'll make something work. They aren't my problem."

Johnston raised an eyebrow. "I just.. hope this works."

"You're not the only one." Prel replied.

"Sir, I'm locked out of the systems." Johnston replied. "I can't even do any pre-launch diagnostics."

"What?" Prel asked, taking over. "Let me override it." he wondered, trying to figure out what was going on. Could they have figured something out? "A command code. What the hell? Prel to bridge."

"Honn here, Commander." Honn replied.

"Lieutenant, we were running equipment diagnostics down here and it looks like the entire bay has been shut out. I trust there's an explanation?"

"We were ordered to power down any defensive systems by the Mularvan authorities. Plus Lieutenant Garcia was reading a power spike." she said, making things up on the spot at this point.

"I'll be returning to the bridge. Do nothing until I arrive, Lieutenant. That's an order." he said. Excuse me.."


"I've rerouted part of the spike, but the buildup seems to be increasing." Brady replied. "The only option I have at this point is to try rerouting it through the secondary systems. But if leaks through, it could blow out the primary relays."

"Oh there's another option..." Renee said quietly, "Two of them, in fact.. One, we do nothing and we let the systems overload and destroy themselves, the other is that we shut down everything." She grimaced as she leaned over Brady, mind methodically working on the problem, "It's got to be a problem with the dilithium matrix... Shut down the antimatter reaction, my authority. Cut in the reserve power and only essential systems get it. Life support, local sensors, deflector dish, we need to keep as much power as we can for impulse and shields in case we need them." She squeezed his shoulder, "I'll get a close look at the matrix while you inform the Bridge. Then take a team and check the relays, just in case I'm wrong."

"Got it." Brady said. "Cutting reserve power and allocating through--" he stopped as suddenly the lights dimmed and the ship rocked slightly. "Oh no..." he said. "We've got problems."

"Shut it down." Renee turned back to him, eyes going back to his screen, worry starting to creep into her mind, seeking the alert notifications and where the flashing, "Sensors?" She asked, a rhetorical question rather than a question to Brady, "We've got an overload in our sensor system... Shut them down, we're going to have to go in person and check these out... It's probably a physical fault, not a programming glitch."

"Aye, ma'am." Brady replied, complying with the order to shut down. "Long range sensors are disabled."

Renee nodded, then tapped her comm badge, "Salchin to the Bridge." A pause for a heartbeat, "We're shutting the long range sensors down, there's a power surge we need to track down. Nothing we can do for it."

Honn looked concerned. "Acknowledged, Engineering. Do we have an estimated time to repair?"

Renee grimaced, though it couldn't be seen by anyone other than Brady, "No, no we don't. We have to find what the problem is first, we'll keep you updated. Engineering out."

=/\= Bridge =/\=

Honn sat in the XO's chair, pondering her next move. "Sensors are suddenly down. You know, if I was a conspiracy theorist, I wouldn't call this accidental. Bridge to Captain Bartlett."

"Go ahead." Michelle said.

"Captain, you're needed on the Bridge. We have... an incident."


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