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Vinegar and brown paper

Posted on Sat Jan 22nd, 2022 @ 3:22pm by Lieutenant JG Odelle Lin & Lieutenant JG Stan More

Mission: Recovery
Location: Science Lab , Sickbay


-Science Lab-

Stan had been busy in the lab.He had been working on a new plant and root food additive.To help the plants in the arboretum. So they could establish themselves during the first year. After being planted in the new soil.

More reached for a glass slide. So he could put a small drop of liquid on it. He wanted to put it under the electronic microscope. To study molecular makeup. But it dropped on the floor. Luckily it did not break so Stan reached down to grab it. But on lifting his head up again he hit the side of the work bench.

Using some ancient Scottish swear words. He rubbed his head and took his hand away. He saw blood. Any head wound could be serious so he decided to go to sickbay.


Stan walked into sickbay.

“Excuse me but I need assistance,” He said as More walked through the door.

Roaa had been in his office trying to make some sort of plan to do the inventory plus the crew physicals and was happy for the interruption. Walking into the main room he gestured to a nearby bio bed with a paw and grabbed a tricorder with the other. Moving over to the man he said ”Take a seat please. What happened?”

Stan had not met the Chief Medical Officer before.

" Hello Doctor. I had a wee........small accident. Bent down to pick something up and caught my head coming up." Stan said.

As Stan moved towards the bio bed a wave of nausea came over him. More knew that any symptoms should be reported at once.

" Oh......I don't feel so well Doctor Roaa..." Stan said

Steadying him with a paw, Roaa guided him to the bed. Once he was seated, he pressed a hypospray to his neck and said “This should help with the nausea. Try not to make any sudden movements.” Running the tricorder over him, Roaa added “It is a fairly nasty cut, but I will be able to close it easily. Do these sort of injuries happen to you often Lieutenant?” As he waited for a response, he picked up the dermal regenerator and began moving it over the wound.

Something in the doctor's question made Stan think hard.

As a kid he had the odd tumble. But that was usually getting into scrapes with his little friends.

Like climbing into Mr Robbie’s orchard to steal apples. Then having to run for his life. As Saber, Mr Robbie's rather no-nonsense Doberman Pinscher chased after him. Stan managed to climb the fence to safety. Pulling faces at the dog from the top. But fell off to the other side landing badly. Banging his arm in the process. That plus the ear twisting his Gran gave him. Should have put him off. But once his arm was healed Stan and his little band of monsters were at it again.

“ Well as a wee bairn…..sorry as a kid I often got into scrapes. But that was just normal rough and tumble. As an adult I am usually quite careful. This was just a case of not looking where I was going. Doctor Roaa.” Stan replied

Nodding, Roaa finished closing the wound and said “You’re all done Lieutenant. I’d recommend some light duty for the rest of your shift. Let me know if you experience and dizziness, nausea or lightheaded feelings.”

Stan went to nod but thought better. So he gave the Doctor a thumbs up. Roaa moved away to tend to another patient. Looking around the Scotsman slowly pushed himself into a sitting position.But as More moved to get off the bio bed. The room suddenly began to sway. Suddenly Stan felt like the contents of his stomach were about to come up and say ‘ hello’.

“ Ouch…” He said as his legs buckled under him.

"I've got you!" Lin said as she ran over. "Don't worry, Doctor.. I'll take it from here." she added as she began doing her own scans. "When did this start?"

Stan tried to looked at Lin but he was feeling dizzy.

“ Just now. It’s like when I was a wee bairn. I had this inner ear infection and lost my balance. Do you think it’s returned for some reason?” More asked

"Hard to say, but we'll have a look." Lin replied, gesturing for him to sit on the Biobed. "When did you notice it?"

Stan was not sure Lin meant just now or when he was a kid.

“ Well when I was a wee bairn. I must of been seven….. yes I was seven. Because that was the year my grandmother made me one of her famous Dundee cakes as a birthday treat. Anyway I woke up one day and got out of bed but as I stood. A felt so dizzy I was violently sick. Lucky it’s was diagnosed and treated. I had no more bother from my inner ear until just now.” Stan told Lin.

"What were you doing before you came into sick bay?" she asked. "Anything that might have aggravated it?"

Stan though for a moment.

" I was in the lab looking over some samples of plant food. I dropped a slide on the floor and bent down to pick it up.....och I must of moved because when I raised my head. It collided with the underside of the workbench," Stan explained.

"There's a bit of an infection" Lin said. "But we can clear that up. I agree with Dr Roaa. You need light duty for the next little bit. I'll inform Lieutenant Mordin."

Stan gave a weak nod.

“ I won’t argue doctor. It will give me a chance to catch up on some reading.” Stan said with a smile.

"Reading is always good." The Trill said as she prepped a hypospray. "Anything in particular you might read?"

Stan thought for a moment.

“ Och. The old Earth classics like the works of Charles Dickens. Oliver Twist……Christmas Carol…. They give an insight into how life was back in the pre warp days of Earth.” Stan said” How about you? What do you do to relax?”

"Me? Usually meditation or a cup of tea. If I feel terribly adventurous I might go find a holonovel. There's a couple of old Trill plays that a previous host of mine liked." Lin said. "Generally anything that doesn't involve medical journals and hyposprays."

Stan heard the word Tea.

“ Did you mention tea? I love a good cup of tea. Assam is my favourite or a good breakfast tea. My grandmother used to get some. That was especially blended for her by a friend of hers. That owned an old Earth tea shop in Edinburgh.” Stan said

"Oh that sounds lovely." Lin said. "I've always been a sucker for a good Vulcan Spice Tea, but some of the blends on Earth I fell in love with at the Academy."

Stan thought for a moment.

“ You know we could make our own tea. Don’t get me wrong the replicators do quite a passable brew. But there is nothing more tastier then a drink made from something you have grown yourself. We would need to get the plant. But we have a large storage of plant seeds.I am sure there was a tea plant.” Stan said

"There has to be." Lin said. "We can easily replicate the conditions for it."

Stan nodded.

“ Plus after all the recent problems we have had with the arboretum. It will be good to have something positive to come out of it.” Stan said

"Yeah, that was... something else." she said. "Not sure I'll ever look at a squirrel the same way again."

Stan shook his head.

“ You know it was not the Squirrels it was the holodeck computer. I checked later and somehow a combat training program merged with our, arboretum animal program. Turned those wee beasties into killers. We were lucky in a way. It could of been blood thirsty Klingons instead of wee little ones.” Stan explained leaving out the word naked.

"Definitely a relief." Lin said. "Makes me wonder how a combat program did that but then, I guess that's why Im a doctor and not an engineer."

“ As a scientist I see things differently. Another possibility so to speak.Could be for all we know the glitch might of been caused by something outside the Wellington. We may have flown to close to an spatial anomaly. I remember reading a historical report about Kirks Enterprise. Where the ships computer was influenced by such a thing. Making it play some rather dangerous pranks on the crew. We could of encountered the same thing.” Stan explained

"Possible. I'm just glad they fixed it and we can get back on with things." Lin replied. "I'm sure I'll catch you in there again some time. I think there's a patient waiting for me."

Stan gave a nod.

“ Well I’ll be on my way.” He said

"Be careful! Hopefully next time I see you, it's not in here. Or not fighting rodents." Lin added as she carried on with her day.


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