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Shuttle Rescue - Part 1

Posted on Sat Nov 13th, 2021 @ 7:14pm by Lieutenant Commander Shaille Levine & Staff Sergeant Andromeda Dreik & Major Hailey Weston & Lieutenant Cor Cordale & Lieutenant Commander Danon Prel

Mission: Recovery

The trek was as uneventful as Hailey had hoped for. They'd crossed the roughly six kilometers in just over two hours, the terrain had been good, rolling hills with a bunch of trees relatively far apart. Visibility was excellent, a good hundred meters and with the attire of the marines, they would have most likely seen any opposition before getting spotted themselves. She had her scout out in front and saw a flicker of motion as he waved a signal that indicated they were approaching the clearing where Intelligence had indicated the fighter was.

For her own part, Hailey raised a hand, but not in the fist motion that would indicate the need to seek cover, then circled her hand to bring their trailing marine up forward to the main group. She looked at the rest and spoke softly, "About twenty meters to the clearing from the Corporal. Movement once we get there will be the Corporal first, Callen's on overwatch, then myself and Shaille next. We check out the craft, make sure there won't be an ambush we can spot, check to see Trapdoor's status and then bring you in." She pointed to the Thux, then to Andi, "And if we need you as well. Make sure all weapons are set to stun." She patted her own rifle, where the indicator on the side showed it was on the proper setting as well.

Andi rolled her eyes slightly. "You take all the fun out of everything Hails" she muttered as she set her weapon to stun. "Next you'll be telling me I don't get to blow anything up either." Without waiting for a response, she turned her gaze toward the Thux, brown eyes sparkling with mischief. "Better tuck that tail of yours," she added with a grin. "Wouldn't want someone using it for target practice."

Shaille shook her head at the exchange. She'd learned very quickly that Andi rarely took anything seriously. She was good at what she did, but she rarely took anything seriously. "Let's just get this over and done with," she added in a hushed whisper. "I'll feel a lot better when we're as far away from here as we can get."

"As will I." Hailey agreed, signaling the point to continue on even as she went up and followed them over the edge of the clearing. Another hand signal to Corporal Callen sent her off slightly to the side where she was still relatively observable, though she switched out her weapons from the smaller carbine to her larger sniper rifle, uncapping the scope as she slowly slid into a prone position at a picked spot.

Once the group was in among the brush that surrounded the clearing, the scout began to make his way across it towards where the fighter was, dashing back and forth from one bit of cover to another, basically making himself a moving target for anyone watching. He made it across to the crashed craft flattened himself against it, edging to the tail and using one eye to peer around the tail, then looked back and signaled that he didn't see anything before he did the same around the nose of the craft with a similar signal back, then he slid the rifle over his shoulder and edged his eyes up above the canopy for several seconds before patting it once and sliding back down. He gave another signal and a 'come hither' motion.

"And that, my friends, is the sign that means we're up." Hailey said quietly, getting up to one knee, "Shaille, with me." She waited for confirmation before she started off across the clearing at a dead run for the fighter. Sure, it appeared to be all clear, but caution kept people alive.

Cor hunched, and waited. He checked the setting on his phaser, and was relieved that it was still set for stun. Just like the last six times. It would seem the dreaded Mission Poltergeist had not yet switched his weapon's setting while he wasn't looking. He held the phaser loose in his right hand, mostly because his right hand was the one with all the touch receptors still. He was a lefty, but his left arm was gone. Well, gone was the better word that Missing.

He knew EXACTLY where it was, last time he saw it.

He shook his head gently, banishing the specters of past lives. Not in the Trill sense, but in the Source how did they manage to live with so many FOCUS COR THIS IS IMPORTANT... and he shook his head again. Icy blue eyes scanned the region, every now and then darting back to watch for any form of signal that this was going to to go pot. Was it pot? Human expressions were so weird.

He checked the phaser. Still set for stun. Seven out of seven.

Despite the uneven ground, Shaille ran close behind Hailey, glancing around as she ran, trying to keep track of her surroundings. Every step took them closer to the shuttle, yet the closer they got, the more uneasy Shaille felt. This was too easy.

Back At The Shuttlecraft

"Damn! I think you beat me this round too!" Gervais replied. He had been half distracted still trying to see if Wellington's comms were back yet so they could report in. But there was no news yet from the rescue team and that was either good.

Or not.

"Honestly this is the most statistically dangerous streak of luck I've ever encountered. You're not LETTING me win, are you?" she asked, while her other body took a moment to glance over at some of the instruments. Gervais inspecting the comms, while she took a look at the ship's other systems to make sure they weren't a duck out of water. Or whatever it was humans said.

Rostra sat as comfortably as she could in a chair designed by committee to accommodate everyone unequally. She didn't cross her legs or anything, because with her leg structure, that posture was actually rather uncomfortable. "So, you showed me War, and while frantic and amusing I'm not a fan of the concept." she said with a smirk.

"And this one, Spades was it?" she offered questioningly. "Interesting. So, what's next? I can show you a few games from back home if you want?"

"Sure." Gervais said. "And yeah, it was Spades. Usually better at it, but I guess today's not my lucky day." he chuckled before getting up. "So... no news is good news in a situation like this, right?" he said, not having heard any beep yet.

"No no, I know it must be distracting to play against a Dalacari. At least you stopped dealing me two hands." she offered, then turned her attention to the panels around her. "The best night IS a quiet night, as..."

"... we say back home, so I guess the desire for nothing bad to be reported actually IS universal." she giggled. "So far so good. Dia's graces we'll make it through without..."

"... any incident." a pause, then she started to shuffle the cards. "Okay so, this game's called Carbuncle. Here's how it works..." and through a statistical improbability, the Dalacari game of Carbuncle was identical, in every aspect and in every ruling, to the Terran card game Omaha Rules Hold'em, except that instead of getting four cards and using two, you got dealt five cards, and could still only use two.

"And that's Carbuncle."

"Sounds good. Poker? I never expected you to be much of a poker player." Gervais replied with a laugh.


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