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Trouble in the Arboretum - Part 1

Posted on Tue Nov 30th, 2021 @ 3:19pm by Lieutenant JG Siobahn Fallon & Captain Michelle Bartlett & Lieutenant Cor Cordale & Lieutenant JG Stan More & Ensign Laro Adel

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Arboretum

[ ON ]

- Arboretum-

More slowly wiped his brow and very carefully placed his finger on the control pad. A large orange Koi carp appeared in the pond. The creature made some mouth movements and began to swim away. Just like the real thing. Stan was still stunned at how life like the pond actually looked. Due to problems getting the real thing. It had been decided to drain the pool and set up holo emitters. To simulate not only the fish but also the water.

Stan was slightly saddened by that. He had hoped they could keep the pond real. After all, the forest animals were all holograms. It would have been nice to have real fish. Still if you did not know it was a hologram. It all looked real.

With the pond now finished. The arboretum was completed. A ceremony or celebration was in order the Scot felt.

“ Ay. What would be appropriate. When Aunty Morag used to pick the first crop of her apples. She would bake a large apple pie. Then invite us to a picnic in the orchard. Where we would consume the apple pie with a cheeky dollop of thick fresh cream. Picnic. Aye a wee picnic.”

Then Stan sent the crew an invitation. To a delicious picnic in the arboretum. To celebrate its opening.

Valeria was just finishing up her latest reports when the invite came in. A picnic? How delightful. After a quick bit of research to make sure that the Terran idea of a picnic was the same as the Ts'usugi concept, she replied in approval. She'd attend.

Though, what to bring? Something easy to prepare... well considering that the Federation was also a fabricator nation, that was hardly a concern. Though, ease of eating was now the focus. "Hmmm, I think this will do." as she put in the request from the replicator for a decent sized batch of dumplings, in a container to transport.

Valeria mused on this for a moment. In her personal time, she enjoyed studying societies and their formation. She had come across one simple truth: Every species she had encountered, and every species THEY had encountered, as long as they prepared food had universally prepared a dish identical in some concept to the dumpling. This simple fact amused her. She was bringing the universal food to a gathering. Should go over well. With her contribution in hand, she set off to the location of this picnic.

A picnic? The invite was curious, but sickbay had been relatively quiet so Siobahn decided to take the time out and join in the festivities. She hadn't seen the arboretum since they had started creating it so she was looking forward to seeing the final product.

Stan got to work quickly. He set up a large table then began to fill it with delicious items. That people attending the picnic would enjoy. Iced orange squash and Lemonade. Plates of mini quiches , mini pizzas, cheese and pickle rolls. Large plates of sandwiches from the cheese stalwarts to Salomon and Cucumber. Cakes and scrumptious pies of fruit. All in all it was quite a spread. But there was always room for more.

The walk to the arboretum was short, and as she walked through the doors Siobahn gasped in surprise. It was impressive. She smiled as she saw the picnic site set up. "You've done a fantastic job with this," she said warmly as she approached. "It looks amazing."

"I couldn't agree more. This brings such a new life to the ship." Valeria complimented, carrying a basket in her hands as she entered. "Our own ships back in the Navy have a piece of home in them, to brighten the morale aboard this ship. I think this will do the same." and she held up the basket to bring it to attention, "And if not, there's always food." she offered with a soft smile.

"Did someone say food?" Ensign Laro asked, being accompanied by Ensign Copeland.

High up in one of the trees a small pair of beady eyes watched the scene below. The squirrels large bushy tail flicked as it kept its balance. A second Squirrel joined it it two watched the scene below. Then a third and fourth.

Stan peeked into the basket.

“ Great I forgot these thanks.” Stan said with a smile.

Siobahn took a seat on one of the blankets, crossing her legs neatly, eyes upward as she took in the flora and fauna around them, watching the holographic birds and butterflies flit from tree to tree, plant to plant. Even the occasional honey bee buzzed around them. "The attention to detail really is quite spectacular."

“ Yes the animals including the fish in the wee pond , even the insects are holograms. Everything else is real… hmmm that’s odd…” Stan said seeing the row of Squirrels watching them.

Adel looked at the cute rodents. "I dont think i've ever seen anything like these back home" she said as the one squirrel got close to her. What's up, little guy?" she asked, seeing the squirrel was eyeing the food. "I don't think you can eat this. Although I guess you're a hologram so..."

The small creature looked up at Adel. It tilted its head twitching its ears. Then it turned and hoped away. Once it returned to the branches above them. It sat watching them. Suddenly the squirrels body seemed to flicker. When it solidified again the creature looked around. Another squirrel moved towards it. The first squirrel angrily swiped at it knocking off the branch.



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