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Shuttle Rescue - Part 2

Posted on Tue Nov 30th, 2021 @ 3:14pm by Lieutenant Commander Shaille Levine & Staff Sergeant Andromeda Dreik & Major Hailey Weston & Lieutenant Cor Cordale & Lieutenant Commander Danon Prel

Mission: Recovery

At The Downed Fighter

Hailey waved the scout to the other side of the fighter to check it out and then popped her head up above the canopy and looked in. Inside was the pilot, definitely still alive that she could tell, but also not all there. She reached out to where the emergency cockpit release was and pulled the handle, a hiss of atmosphere as the cockpit cracked up and she shoved it the rest of the way up, "Corp, go scout out that far treeline, twenty-five in, a hundred-fifty to either side." The Corporal nodded and ran off across the field again, "Trap, are you alive in there?" She asked.

"Hnnnnn...." The fighter pilot groaned, blinking his eyes open and working to focus his eyes, "Major, that you?"

"It is.. I need you up and goin' pilot, sorry it took so long for the cavalry to get here. Give me a second and I'll get you checked out." There had been nothing so far from the scout or Callen, so Hailey risked a brief message to the people still waiting in the woods, "Cor, Andi, get over here."

Anyone who had ever seen Cordale on the ship knew he was a laid back, easy going kinda Thux. Unless something was on fire, he was hardly ever in a rush to get anywhere. When he needed to move, his battlecry was "Thux on the move, make a hole". Here, though, there was no battlecry, there was no jovial gimmick. The Thux hunkered down, using his heavy tail as a counterbalance so he could all but throw himself forward. Heavy steps, but a low profile, and the Thux covered the distance from their cover to Hailey's side.

Andi stayed low and moved quickly and quietly, stopping outside the fighter to offer cover.

In the distance, a security guard was chasing down wind of a disturbance in the area. He wasn't sure what it was... But his orders were shoot to kill, especially if it was an insurgent. 'Bloody fools' he thought to himself. 'It's a miracle the Federation didn't seize us entirely. The Koldarans would have.' he added.

Shaille was outside with Andi, different sides of the fighter, but outside watching, waiting. She was the first one to notice the movement in the distance. "Get down," she hissed to Andi. "Company, eleven o'clock." She dropped to the ground, laying on her stomach, pulling her phase rifle up and shouldering it as best she could given her position. "Tell the others."

Andi didn't bother to respond. Any sound could possibly give them away. She pressed herself against the fighter, aware that she was on the opposite side from who or what ever was approaching and likely wouldn't be seen as she moved toward the door to the fighter. She slid in through the door of the craft. "Y'all better be ready for flight because we've got company on the way."

The guard looked around. He thought he'd heard something. But maybe not? He'd been told there were students doing research in the area, though why anyone would research so close to this forest was a mystery to him.

There was no sound from within the shuttle, no movement, no hint that anyone else was coming out. With a silent curse, Shaille crept forward in the long grass, phaser rifle still trained on the guard walking toward her. As soon as she was close enough that she was confident he'd hear her without her having to shout, she pressed herself against the ground, watching him carefully for a moment before she spoke. "Stop," she ordered. "You have thirty seconds to identify yourself before I shoot you."

He brought his rifle up in the direction he thought the voice had come, flipping off the safety as he did so, but he saw nothing. "No, you identify yourself?" He called out, trying to find whoever it was, "You're trespassing on sovereign [planet name] territory, come out where I can see you!"

Slowly, casually, carefully, Cordale picked up a nice rock. The kind you could hold in your hand comfy, or maybe even the kind you'd feel confident throwing. At someone's head. Really hard. With a prosthetic miner's limb. The Thux was a southpaw, and he had a killer left. He couldn't really see Shaille, but he could see that guard good enough. Any trouble, the moment this all went south, and Cor would see what team he'd be pitching for next time someone wanted to play Thuxball.

"The only part of me that's going to move is my trigger finger," Shaille said, keeping her voice low enough that the shift of the breeze would distort her location. "

The aim of his rifle shifted rapidly, back and forth, no idea where the voice was coming from. If they were out there and had a bead on him, then he was dead. Dead for nothing, doing nothing. He slowly, very slowly re-safed his rifle and removed his finger from the trigger and held the rifle out in one hand, "Who the hell are you?" He called out.

"We're nobody. Figments of your imagination." Cor called. He wasn't as skilled at Shaille when it came to verbal dispersal. "Now get outta here, and don't tell no one nothing." he instructed. "Anyone that shows up here is as good as concussed. If they're lucky." a pause, "You get me?"

"Screw this," Shaille muttered, finger squeezing on the trigger, one pulse discharging from the weapon. The stray soldier was hit and collapsed to the ground before he could react. Shouldering the rifle again, Shaille returned to the fighter. "How long until this bucket of bolts can get off the ground? I got a real bad feeling about this!"

Her feeling was confirmed when a Federation fighter appeared to breach through the atmosphere, on course to the known location of the insurgent base.

"Ten minutes, tops." Cordale replied, already turning back to the fighter once the local threat was resolved. He'd have to bend plates back in position manually to make it happen, but the Thux had a rather unique definition of 'hand tighten'.

Hailey came around, seeing the incoming fighter, "Oh shit. I swear to God... If that's Prel, I'm going to mount his head on a bulkhead. I know WE didn't call for backup, the shuttle would have contacted us before calling for help." She watched the fighter for a few more seconds, then nodded, "We're blown, even if they don't know the specifics. Cor, you get all the help you need, I'm calling our shuttle over here."

"Less bitching, more fixing." Cordale was a Thux of few words.


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