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Gathering Before Hunting

Posted on Wed May 11th, 2022 @ 12:21pm by Lieutenant Commander Shaille Levine & Ensign Felicie Rivero & Commander Rostra Tang & Lieutenant Renee Salchin & Lieutenant Valeria Mordin & Lieutenant Etrara Khalten & Lieutenant JG Stan More & Ensign Andrew Gervais & Crewman Gregory Richardson & Captain Charlotte Averis & Lieutenant Serik & Lieutenant JG Sandra Garcia & Ensign Paul Copeland & Warrant Officer Koh Otassu

Mission: The Koldaran Encounter

It had been a solid ten or so hours since the distress call had been received and Shaille had left the bridge. At least, it felt like hours. It could have been minutes or it could have been days. Everything felt like a concentrated blur of activity. Cargo bay one and two had been turned into staging areas for supplies, armed guards standing at various points around the cargo bays, overseeing the weapons being gathered. The bulk of the security staff had been stood down temporarily under orders to rest. Once they got planetside there was no telling how long it would be until they would have the opportunity to rest peacefully again. Well, everyone had been stood down with the exception of Shaille who was working with Rostra to oversee the collection of supplies. With Medical and Marines also mostly stood down for rest, Shaille had coopted other departments like Operations and Sciences to do their grunt work.

Turning around, Shaille watched as an Ensign from Operations added a storage crate of weapons to one of the pallets. "Are you kidding me?" she snapped. "Ensign Lowman, what's in that crate?"

The Ensign stopped, looking at her for a moment, eyes widening with surprise. "Uh, they're TR-116's Ma'am, Lieutenant Miguel told me to bring them down from the armory."

"Then why the hell would you put a crate of TR-116's on a pallet of emergency food rations? Open your damn eyes boy and pay attention to what you're doing or get the hell out of my way!" Shaille raised her voice as she turned her attention back to the PaDD in her hand.

"Right, medical is requesting help bringing down field kits and supplies. Who's got idle hands?" Shaille asked.

It was at that precise moment that Stan walked in on them. He was whistling a merry Scottish tune. That Stan often sang when he was happy. More stopped dead and looked at the Commander.

“ Hello ma’am. Is there something I can help ye with?” He asked

Rostra gave a wave over to Shaille, "Found those batteries!" she poked a head up, then a second. "They're over here on the pallet with the portable replicator. So, close?" she offered before joining up with her inventory counterpart. To Stan, she gave a pair of nods.

"Oh hey, hello there. So, hmmm, someone's volunteering to help? Oooooo." she giggled, then turned to Shaille, "At least they found the rifles. Dia's knees if I knew..."

"... and we had about, oh, sixteen hours to devote, I'd see about getting you something from home for the ground forces to try out." she smirked. Double smirked really.

"Dalacari resource denial technical operations weapon Gee Ecks Eighty." she called off. "It's a long range harassment weapon, I think you call them Sniper Rifles..."

"... with an on board micro fabricator. Uses a matter pack instead of a magazine. Scans the target, fabricates the requested round in the chamber, then the operator..."

"... squeezes the trigger." the Dalacari described, checking her own PaDD notes. "They take forever to fabricate, because well... they're dangerous."

Shaille raised an eyebrow slightly. "Seriously?" She shook her head. "You'll have to try and get some for us after this is all over. Sounds like it could be a hell of a toy to play with!"

The blonde security officer turned her attention to Stan momentarily. "Right, Lieutenant Moore, You can start by resorting pallets one through four. Make sure all pallets are properly stacked and only contain what they're meant to contain. Ask Lieutenant Garcia for a list if you don't already have it."

Stan looked at the task he had been given. Well he was no stranger to hard word.He nodded.

“ I will seek the Lieutenant out. As for some reason I dinna have a copy of the wee list.” He informed her.

Turning back to Rostra, Shaille sighed. "I have this feeling that I'm forgetting something, that something important is missing..." she shook her head. "I just can't put my finger on what it is."

Stan went looking for Commander T’se. He soon found the Commander.

“ I have been asked to assist in packing the pallets. But I seem to be missing the contents list. I was told you could give me a copy ma’am.” Stan said

"I think I can find that for you." Garcia said. "Here we go. Weapons, provisions... And medical equipment. Which might be the most important bit."

Stan looked up from reading the padd.

“ Medical? Do ye think we are in for trouble?” He asked

Shaille heard Stan's words and looked across at him, eyes widening incredulously. "Trouble?" she snarked. "No, Lieutenant, I don't expect trouble. I expect a race as hostile and aggressive as the Koldaran are, naturally, going to greet us with puppy dog hugs and chocolate kisses," she shook her head before she turned back toward Rostra.

Stan was rather taken aback by Shaille’s sarcasm. He wanted to respond but common sense tried to stop him and lost.

“ I am sorry that I sounded a bit naive for a Starfleet Officer.Thinking that when we get down there the Koldaran will be handing out cup cakes and soda pop. I was just making an enquiry about our forthcoming mission. I have studied medicine and was going to offer my services as a field medic if needed.” Stan replied

"Oh wouldn't that be something." Rostra commented. Sadly, it wasn't meant to last. "No no, it's... it's going to be trouble, Mister Moore."

Rostra smirked over towards Shaille, "Okay so first, I'm obligated to remind you that the GX-80 is not a toy. It's a sophisticated resource denial option." a pause, then she couldn't hold those straight faces any longer. "No no, they're very fun. I'll see about..."

"... getting the pattern and license for one when all... all this is over. They're not exactly controlled goods, but they're not exactly on the everyday list." she explained.

"I'd give three inches off my tails to have a denial team with us." she mused. "I'm hesitant to join the fight down there, but I want to do my part. No division of drones..."

"... to hide behind." a pause, "Think we could stop along the way, pick up some milk, some eggs, and a division of drones?" she giggled. A laugh to break the tension.

"Maybe a couple drone divisions." Garcia replied.

"Dia, don't get me wishing." Rostra said with a giggle. "I do miss a good aeronautic show and parade, but this isn't what I had in mind."

Shaille dropped a storage tote onto one of the pallets with a resounding crash. "I'd rather be dealing with drones than this," she said darkly. She turned and sat on the edge of the tote, looking across at Rostra. "Commander, have you ever seen expression in the eyes of a Ts'usugi?" she asked quietly. "Because when I told Koh I was going to the surface, I saw fear in his eyes. That... that rattled me more than anything else."

Rostra thought for a moment, "Well, according to myth their first Emperor removed the shine from their eyes so they'd have to find something else to lose themselves in." she recalled. "But actual..."

"... expression? No. No not once. They're very good at wait what did you say?" man that train of thought derailed quick. She took a few moments to collect her thoughts, a long walk for a Dalacari indeed. "He... you must be very special to him."

"I've never seen behavior like that in the Ts'usugi, and our peoples have had a peace accord for, well, about two hundred years. This, okay so I've never really done any..."

"... soul searching with the Ts'usugi before, but... but maybe some friends from outside their borders will do them some good." she mused. "I..." she cleared her throats.

"I wish you two the best of luck, and I'll do whatever I can to make sure you two don't have to wonder what happens down there this day."


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