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Cross Medical Meeting

Posted on Sun May 29th, 2022 @ 1:37pm by Lieutenant JG Siobahn Fallon

Mission: The Koldaran Encounter
Location: Odraclite

Siobahn entered the side chamber that had been set aside for medical staging. Her gaze immediately swept the room, taking into account the already occupied beds. It was a far cry from the state of the art medical facilities that they were used to on a starship.

The beds were rough hewn wooden beds, even the linen looked coarse and hand woven. There was no technology, no steady beep of a bio bed running routine scans, no sense of sterility or cleanliness. Even the windows were free of glass panes to keep out elements and contaminants.

The young doctor drew herself up to her full height shifting the weight of the sealed crate in her arms while gripping her medical kit a little tighter as she walked across to Lieutenant Commander Calvin Morgan. She'd taken the liberty of using the travel time to familiarize herself with the crews she was most likely to be working with. "Commander Morgan," she offered a smile. "I'm Lieutenant Junior Grade Siobahn Fallon, I just came down with the Wellington crew. We're here to help."

"Fantastic, join the party," Calvin responded with a smile amongst the chaos that surrounded him. At his heels he had an Acehaya Doctor with him. Behind the two were several Acehaya and Starfleet personnel acting as runners with information. Outside that sphere people moved around in a calm but quick fashion. The groans of injured could be heard amongst the continual dull conversation.

"Jaimie, have a couple hands and take their equipment and stow it in clean supply please. I'll get them up to speed and start handing out assignments," Calvin continued.

"We have a meeting in ten minutes on supplies and logistics," Jaimie responded before tapping several shoulders and pointing them onward with Calvin's request. Those crew moved quietly up to the new arrivals to take away the equipment.

"Thanks Jaimie, this will take nine minutes then," Calvin replied with some sass. "Keep your tricorders, but everything else will get organized into the supply. Gather around, I will tell you about your current vacation."

Setting the crate from her arms onto the nearest flat surface, Siobahn opened it and pulled out a large flask. "I come bearing gifts," she said as she unscrewed the top, the heady scent of coffee wafting around them. "I wasn't sure if you'd have replicators or anything down here, so I grabbed some flasks of hot, fresh coffee before we beamed down," she explained, handing one to Calvin. "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your tour guide session."

"Coffee is never an interruption," Calvin replied with a smile, not missing a beat as he inhaled the aroma of the coffee and taking a sip.

“Did someone say coffee?” Veznia popped up from a kneeling position, where she’d been, not praying, but centering herself and finding her strength. She crossed to the others. “And you, Lieutenant Fallon, are my new best friend.” She reached for the warm beverage and smiled a wide Denobulan smile as she brought a flask to her lips.

Elaine Goff moved over to the group. "So, Doctor, you were mentioning something about giving us the tour of our lovely vacation resort here?" she asked Calvin.

"A tour, yes," Calvin echoed back, sipping his coffee. "Triage is here. One of my nurses Jaimie has been keeping things going smoothly up here. She's been able to anticipate patient waves better as communication lines have become more firm. Now if you follow me," He stated as he turned and weaved through makeshift beds, benches, and an assortment of patients in differing levels of medical need. Starfleet and Acehaya were intermixed. To the untrained eye it looked like a mass of injured. To those surrounding Calvin, the semblance of order could slowly be seen.

"Here is the main hub of the area. Most of the charting, meetings, and such are happening here. It's geographically a center point between triage and the three wards." Calvin looked around at the barebones desks and piles of notes. "Before you go to your assignment take the time to update your Tricorders with the information stored in the central medical computer. The Acehaya fortunately for you and I aren't too dissimilar to several species we're already accustomed too."

Veznia kept her hands firmly held behind her back. She felt useless given her lack of qualifications compared to the other doctors. Vez had only barely passed her field medic qualifications and even then she had to beg for the point that tipped her into the green.

"I'll have your assignments by the end of my next meeting," Calvin continued, "And they will fit everyone's roles," He added, with a wink to Veznia. "Any questions so far?"

The gesture warmed Veznia to her core. She shook her head in response to him.

Elaine nodded as well. Certainly, there would be a need for mental health care under the circumstances, which was just as important as physical health care. Though this was not to say that the counselors might not be asked to provide some basic first aid sometimes - there were times in which her knowing how to use a dermal regenerator might do just as much to help someone's mental health as any words she could use.

"Until then, do you want us to just jump in with treatments where necessary?" Siobahn asked, glancing around, eager to stay well out of the way of the chaos beyond the walls as possible.

Calvin pondered the question for a moment. "No, after you get yourself situated here take a breather. My meeting won't last more than five minutes. That way we keep everyone on the same page. Take the time to grab a snack and some water. It may be your last real break for a bit." He turned to point down the corridors. "Non-emergent are down there, emergent, to the left, and critical in the furthest left. Critical is further broken down into sections that you would expect." He turned back to them. "The Acehaya have been working with us shoulder to shoulder. The translator has some trouble with speciality words. So when in doubt, go back the children's vocabulary. They do the same."

Siobahn nodded as Calvin finished speaking, waiting until the higher ranking officer had left before turning and looking around what was going to be serving as their medical facility. It was crude, to say the last. "Well," she said quietly, to no one in particular. "We may as well familiarise ourselves with our surroundings. We'll be here for a while."


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