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Sage New Friend

Posted on Wed Jul 6th, 2022 @ 12:07pm by Lieutenant JG Siobahn Fallon

Mission: The Koldaran Encounter

Siobahn stood next to the open window in what it seemed was something of a break area at the back of the medical section. Even though they weren't supposed to be near the windows, the feel of the breeze against her face helped to calm her nerves, even if the breeze came with its own sick smell of death. She wanted to walk out of the temple, to walk among the trees, to find a place where the air smelled sweet and free, then she wanted to just sit there and wait for this to all be over.

“Currency for your thoughts.” Veznia misquoted as she approached the red haired woman. They weren’t familiar, but they were all in this together. The Denobulan smiled impossibly wide, stopping next to the woman.

Siobahn turned toward Veznia. If she were taken aback by the Denobulan smile she didn't show it. Instead she offered a faint smile, leaning her shoulder against the stone wall, still close enough to the window that she could feel the breeze against her face. "Just enjoying the fresh air," she replied, the hint of sarcasm clear in her voice. "I'm Siobahn, junior medical officer from the Wellington. Lieutenant Veznia, right?"

"That's me." Veznia said. "Pleasure to meet you Siobahn." The Denobulan's smile remained warm. "You been on the Wellington long?" She wasn't trying to pry, only make conversation and get to know the woman better.

"A few years," Siobahn drew in a breath. "I actually finished my last two years of Medical School serving onboard the Wellington, it was a trial program that Starfleet ran. I don't know if it ever rolled out or not. Once I completed my medical training I spent eight months at the Center for Health and Wellness on Dalacar doing an internship on Delta Quadrant medicine. I've been back on the ship for about six months now. You're on the Astraea aren't you?" she asked curiously. "It's an impressive ship."

"Oh fancy" Vez smiled. She was impressed, Siobahn interning on Dalacar made her a huge asset to Starfleet."Ya, the Astraea is my home away from home." Vez proud to be a member of a ship with a good reputation. "I'm actually a counsellor."

Siobahn nodded. "While we were on our way here after we received the distress call I took the liberty of reviewing the crew of the Astraea so I could see who I would be working with," she said with a smile. "Made it feel a little less overwhelming when we transported in. At least I sort of 'knew' some of those that were already on the surface."

The red head paused for a moment, glancing toward the window again. "I was talking to one of the Acehaya earlier, he said they've lost over a hundred of their own already. The first of the Koldaran that came slaughtered everyone in sight." Her voice was filled with sadness as she spoke.

“That’s awful.” Veznia frowned. “Situations like this can be particularly difficult. I we do need to try and stay objective.” She came closer to Siobahn, and reached out to place a hand on her shoulder. “Compassion is important though, it just can’t get in the way of why we’re here.”

Siobahn nodded. "I know, it's just..." She paused again. "I guess I feel helpless. Could we have gotten here sooner? Could we have done more? You know what I mean?" she asked, leaning back against the wall and watching Veznia. "It's all those little niggles of questions that linger in the back of my mind, and in the quiet moments, like now, they make their presence known."

"What good is it, to dwell on those questions?" Vez asked, genuine concern crossed her face. "Do you really think we could've changed anything?"

"Perhaps we could have, but we'll never know, will we?" Siobahn replied quietly. "We work with the hand we're dealt. That much I know. Still, the questions will always be there."

Vez smiled. "And exploring those questions can bring peace and more confusion." She paused. "And thats why I have a job, to help explore and deal those questions."

Siobahn smiled softly. "This is why I prefer medical. It's much more straight forward." The sound of the outer doors being flung open and hurried footsteps broke through the soft tones of their conversation. Glancing at the scene unfolding, Siobahn pushed herself away from the wall. "Looks like duty calls," she said softly as her gaze fell on the wounded Ts'usugi. "Thank you, Commander. I appreciate your sage advice."


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