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Down and up

Posted on Fri Aug 5th, 2022 @ 4:57am by Lieutenant JG Stan More

Mission: The Koldaran Encounter
Location: Sickbay



Very slowly Stan stood.His legs made a clicking sound.As they took his weight. His left leg gave a slight shake, but it held. All he had to do now was walk unaided and he would be allowed back on duty.

How he ended up in sickbay. Had started to come back to him.It had been a haze for quite a while , the pain had seen to that. For some reason the medication to stop it. Failed to work for Stan. But he was a son of Scotland and so pain in any form. Was considered something a man or women endured.

He had been helping with getting the supplies ready for the mission. They had started moving items onto the cargo transporter. When the locking mechanism on one of the pallets failed. Causing the contents to become unstable. Stan saw the large barrels begin to wobble. He pushed one of his fellow Wellington crew mates out of the way. As the heavy object fell off the pallet. Taking the others stacked on it with them.

Stan was knocked to the ground as they fell on his legs. The pain was so bad he passed out.
It’s said when you're facing death. Your life flashes before your eyes. Perhaps it was his bodies response to the sudden increase of pain. That sent him back on a journey in time , inside his head.

He was 10 years old running and laughing maniacally. His arms full of apples as he and his friends. Big Sean and Wee Billy ran from old Mr Cairns orchard. Being chased by the man himself red faced and waving his stick.

Then the three friends would go to their semi secret hideout. For a feast of apples, sweets from Mrs McNab’s new sweet shop and a bottle of Wee Billy’s Uncle Hamish’s lemonade.

“ When I grow up.I am going to be a sailor.” Big Sean said as he munched on an apple.

“ Well when I grow up. I am going to be a musician” Wee Billy said while sipping some Lemonade.

“ Well when I grow up I am going to join Starfleet and travel the universe.” Stan said

Wee Billy and Big Sean looked at him. Then they began to laugh. Wee Billy laughed so much he choked on his lemonade and it came up through his nose.

“ Ye hate being up high.” Big Sean said, slapping Wee Billy on the back.

“ Well you get sea sick and Wee Billy is tone deaf.” Stan said back.

“ But…..ow Big Sean that hurt….You are scared of being up high.You p……” Wee Billy said

Stan stood.

“ I’ll show ye whose afraid to be up high!” He said

There was a tree in his grandmother's garden. Reported to be the tallest tree in Edinburgh. It’s hight and the painful ear twisting from his grandmother, if he got caught. Should of been fearful enough to a ten year old boy. But his honour had been tested.

The boys rushed around to Stan’s house.Making sure his Grandmother was not around. Stan marched to the said tree and began to climb. It was half way when he heard a booming voice yell.


Stan reached for a branch but it gave way. Losing his balance he fell.It was a he fell towards the ground. More was brought back to the present.

It took the medics an hour to free him. Two broken legs , shattered pelvis and damage to his diaphragm. Making breathing very difficult.

But that was a few months ago. Now at last Stan was fully healed and ready for duty.


Lieutenant (jg) Stan Collin More
USS Wellington


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