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Point of View: The Koldaran

Posted on Fri Aug 19th, 2022 @ 8:45am by Commander Rostra Tang

Mission: The Koldaran Encounter
Location: Koldaran Planetary Assault Camp

Another patrol complete.

A figure in red armor, weapon at the ready, returned to the barrack camp after a shift well served. Now to recoup and prepare for the next duty cycle. As the figure in red crossed into the perimeter, crossed through the gate, a fellow soldier there nodded to accept him back from service to the Captaincy. He motioned towards the brine pit, "Pool." he simply said, inviting the soldier to an invigorating soak after all this time in such arid conditions. "Food." ahh, yes. Grub. His second stomach had already gone empty, so some grish would be very much welcome here.

"Sleep." the third invite, the third luxury afforded by the Captaincy. To take this exoframe off and relax. Safe behind solid walls and the guns and glories of fellow soldiers. All in the service of the Captaincy, all for the glory of the Admiralty. Another flag to place, another generation's new home.

As the soldier made his way to the brine pit, removing the outer layer of armor as he did, he felt a bit relieved that he saw [Ears] and even a glimpse of [Twins] on the battlefield. Without proper enemies, he'd not get the accolades he truly deserved. Though, it confused him slightly that their metal soldiers were not on the field with them, but it didn't matter. He remembered his training well. Aim for the ears, and when it came to the [Twins], aim for one of them. Such a foolish creature to wander onto the battlefield. No place for weakness. No place for exploits. The academy taught him that. The academy taught him well.

His skin soaked up the brine pit moisture readily, and removing his helmet hurt his eyestalks for a moment before the lids adjusted to the harsh sunlight. This world would look much better with thicker clouds. Taking a breath through his moist skin, he regarded the stink of the air around. So free of the scents and particles he was used to. That would change.

[Soldier 7332] had a confirmed kill against one of the natives. That was going to go well for their promotion schedule. Who knows, perhaps one day they'd all call them Sir. Only by the grace of the Admiralty would such a thing happen, though. It'd take a lot more natives to get a promotion that easy. Prestige, mating rights, all the perks and pampering of being an Officer. It was the ambition of [Soldier 7332]. It was the ambition of them all.

Service. Sacrifice. Duty. Accolades and merit provide for promotion. Promotion allows to better serve society. In the Admiralty's name, by the code of conduct and the laws of Koldar. Every world pacified allowed the next generation to breath easier. Every world was another system between order and chaos. Each soldier knew their duty. Only THEY stood before the chaos. The lawlessness, the rampant hedonism, the blatant inaction. [Solider 7332] shook his head gently as he banished those thoughts from his mind. Now was not the time to reflect on what was wrong with the universe.

It was time to reflect on what was right. This was right. Why couldn't the natives see that? Were they that blind? It's just like the academy taught him. They will not recognize order until it is given to them. They will resist because it is in their nature. Inform them.

After enough of a soak to feel whole again, [Soldier 7332] put his suit back on, retaining some of the moisture within to add to his comfort. A little extra excess wouldn't hurt, and as long as no one informed the quartermaster, no one would miss it. He made his way to the grish tent and joined the chow line, a bowl of fresh ration paste waiting for him and the others. Warmed just enough to keep it soft, moist enough to keep it together, and just like they produced back on the ship. Just like the caretakers made it.

The officers ate in their own tents, ate their own food, and that was perfect. They had so much more to worry about, they shouldn't be here with the soldiers. It wasn't proper for them to be here, none of these soldiers did anything to deserve to eat such a meal in the presence of the officers or, Admiralty forbid, the Captaincy. To sit with them, to speak with them even on a casual level? Never. Such a thing was what [Ears] and [Twins] did, and only the Admiralty knew if [Colors] did as well.

[Colors]. The new ally of [Ears] and [Twins] maybe. They came to the aid of the Natives here before the first [Ears] showed up, before any of the metal men of [Twins] showed up. [Colors] were new. But [Solider 7332] wasn't worried. If [Colors] stood before the Koldaran, they'd fall like the others.

That's what the Captaincy said. It had to be true, then.

Chow done, the bowl was sent for a quick rinse before the next able bodied soldier took it. Everyone got their fill. Soldiers all the same. Now it was time for some rest. Removing almost the entirety of his frame was something he was very proficient with. They say that the Officers didn't need the frames. That they stood tall and proud on their own two feet. Blessed by the Admiralty with the authority and purpose, given the strength to do so. One day, he thought, he prayed. One day.

He started by spraying down his chosen cot a bit with a nearby spray for comfort from this arid land, and he started to settle in for a few winks of rest. Before he did, though.... he had to say his prayers.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag..."


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